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The particular design guidelines of the high-rise residential apartment building should follow a systematic approach that consists of various security techniques which may present a reliable means of individual protection assurance. In addition, while taking into consideration the fact that certain residents will naturally be very protective of the neighborhood in which they reside in, and will not necessarily be accepting in regards to new construction projects. Furthermore, current area residents may also tend to become defensive if they suspect that the new construction project might conflict with their typical way of living. Since, it is only natural that current residents may be ...view middle of the document...

Any benches situated should be located near the high-rise itself for easy access to the building residence and for resident security assurance purposes and must also have sufficient lighting. If a play area is constructed, it needs to be located in an area of the property that is fenced-off from the main road, parking area, and industrial facilities. Moreover, the play area should be well-lit, have security surveillance from a security office within the building and be visible from all high-rise windows and patios if positioned at a location of the property that will have visibility from those particular areas of the high-rise.
In addition, the high-rise should consist of a front main entrance, a rear entrance way, two emergency exits located on opposite sides of the building situated on the ground level of both stairwells with security surveillance cameras viewing both doors as well. Both front and rear entrances should have one door that serves as an unsecure entrance leading into a portion of the building where a second door will be located which is secure and must be accessed through means of an electronic key card. In addition, both front and rear entrance sections should be constructed of glass since; this will help provide a more efficient means of natural surveillance.
Moreover, there should be one fully functional fire alarm and sprinkler systems located in each unit within the building, in addition to an emergency exit door situated at both ends of each floor. Every resident unit’s door should be force-proof and accessed by means of a turn-key deadbolt lock with the addition of one deadbolt lock on the opposite side of the door for extra security. All areas within the facility must be well-lit and pose minimal issues in regards to natural surveillance. All ground level...

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