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Constructivism And The Civil War In Sirya

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Since March 2011, Syria had no longer experienced a situation called peace and harmony. Syrian’s daily life is filled with the events of killing, bombing and torturing of their brothers and sisters. This unresolved conflict began with a revolution to against the government for brook the promise to have betterment in political system (citation). However the government had responded by harsh action. Starting from this point, Syria had slide into Civil War. Based on the brief description about situation in Syria, I strongly believe that the best International Relation theory to describe this situation is constructivism. This is because the Civil War in Syria is socially ...view middle of the document...

Assad’s regime strives for dictatorial political system as it is a secular based; the politic is separated from the religion (citation). Meanwhile, the rebel seek for the reformation and democratic political system which associated with Islamic Ruling System. However, Assad’s regime argued that the democratic political system just will harm the nation and people unity (Contemporary Arab Affairs: 438-439). Based on the argument, it illustrates that the goals of a state or actors determine by the actor’s identity (Citation).
The second problem based on the constructivism view is that, there is no existence of sovereignty shared norms between the leaders and the citizen. Sovereignty is related to the responsibility of the authority to protect their citizen (Citation). According to the norm of sovereignty, Assad should protect his citizen, give them adequate basic necessity and ensure they have a harmony life. However, the current situation in Syria is totally contradicted with the norm. Syria had lost its sovereignty as the ruler, Assad himself abuse his own citizen (citation). There are countless of death take place since the day of the conflict began until today. The lasted update in September 2013 recorded that, there are more than two million people displace by the Civil War (citation). Furthermore, the number of Syrian refugees is increasing. Not only that, there are many people who died because of starvation due to lack of basic necessity such as food, clean water and medication treatment. In addition, the human right of Syrian also been humiliated as there are many innocent people such as women and children being killed. Therefore, these are the impacts when shared norms of sovereignty are absence. There is an only one side will benefit; which is the superior side while the other side will suffer.
This dispute must be solved as soon as possible before the number of innocent people being...

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