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Discuss With Examples, How The Internet Has Changed Communication For Organizations

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The Internet was introduced to the world not too long ago. However, since it's introduction, it has since grown at an amazing rate. People now source the Internet for information, research, and recently, even shopping. Faster modem speeds have caused more people to rely on the Internet as information can be found at an amazing speed. In today's business world, it has now become essential for a company to have Internet access. There are very few businesses today that do not have their own websites and e-mail address from which the public can contact them. Below is an analysis of how the Internet has changed communications for organisations.In the past, communications within organisations were mostly done either by the word of mouth or by writing memos. By word of mouth, when people wanted to communicate with a person within the office, he had to either go to the desk to tell the respective person the message or do it through the phone. However, one problem with this is that the message might get distorted when passing from one person to another. Furthermore, when passing a message by word of mouth, there is no written evidence of what was said. As such, it would be very difficult to track the agreements made within the 2 parties later on.Another way people used to communicate within organisations without the Internet were by passing memos. They would simply write a memo with their intended message to their colleague and leave it on the person's desk or in-tray. However, these memos give a person excessive paperwork and very often, the person's desk will be filled up with memos. As a result of this, these memos very often get lost and thus lose its credibility.Companies also had a hard time communicating with people outside their office organisation, especially with overseas branches. One of the ways includes using the method known as "snail" mail today. They would send their letters over to their counterparts overseas via mail. Not only did this include a very high cost, this was often a very slow way of communication. A mail would take a minimum of 3 days before it would reach its recipient This is a very time consuming way of communication and could cost a company a lot of money in this fast moving business world.Should a company need to send documents out immediately, one of the ways they could do it was via fax. This method, though faster than mail, was still very slow. Fax quality is also not known to be of high. The cost incurred by faxing was also very high. A fax to an overseas country was calculated as the same rate as an overseas call. There is also no evidence that the document has been faxed over and conflicts may occur.Basically, communications for organisations without Internet was usually too slow or limited in terms of capacity of information that could be sent over. High costs for postage or faxing were also incurred in these ways.Since the introduction of the Internet, communications within organisations is now made easier. The...

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