Consultancy Project Interim Report, A Study Into The Turnover Of Businesses In Shirley High Street, Initial Proposal Of Reseach

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IntroductionSouthampton Institute Business Support Enterprise Network (SIBSEN) is an informal study group combining the knowledge and expertise of Southampton Business School (SBS) lecturers and PhD students. Now in operation for over one year, SIBSEN's researchers are community focused and are currently lending their services to the Southampton City Council in conjunction with numerous social and economic projects.The faculty comprises 2 PhD students concerning themselves with the study of SME's in the Shirley Regeneration areas, 3 researchers investigating extensive SME consultancy in similar areas, and other members concerning themselves with the research and publication within such SME's.SIBSEN has strong links with the SBS diversification strategy and has one member on board from the diversification strategy's management team. The main focus of the SIBSEN team has been assisting the Southampton Institute in their mission surrounding integration of the institution within the community.To date, the SIBSEN team have concerned themselves with the interviewing of various businesses within the Shirley regeneration areas, however not as yet Shirley High Street itself. The research we are undertaking at present will look into regeneration evaluation of Shirley High Street SME's on behalf of the Research Consultancy Group, working with Southampton Institute.A further indication as to the importance of the research project and a reflection upon the projects origin will be established within the Geographic Overview, and Sector background sections of this report.Aims and ObjectivesWithin the following piece of research, our consultants in conjunction with the SIBSEN research team and the Outer Shirley Regeneration Office will concern themselves primarily with failing businesses within what is considered a failing community, Shirley High Street. The report will also look into the benefits to the community of having such a retail concentration and the benefit's such retail outlets can draw from the local community.The Shirley High Street Regeneration Project strategic aims and objectives are:To start a monitoring process of SME's on the Shirley High Street, to include:Length of operationImpact of such SME's upon the Shirley communityThe benefits to the businesses attained through it's locationDetails of past business venturesThe key objectives of this phase of the Shirley High Street Regeneration project, to be achieved through the compilation of extensive business profiles, are as follows:To establish the underpinning elements that allow for the success/failure of SME's on Shirley High StreetTo identify the effects upon such SME's of the few and widely dispersed larger company's on Shirley High StreetTo assertain the extent of barriers, if any, to new businesses wishing to start up on Shirley High StreetTo create a foundation to allow for future developments within the Outer Shirley Regeneration research projectsGeographic OverviewWith some 100...

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