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Consultant Recommendations World Cup Brazil 2014

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Consultant RecommendationsWorld Cup Brazil 2014February 4, 2014Introduction:Sport tourism is a significant part of the tourism industry, which has a remarkable impact on many aspects to the hosting region of the event. The Olympic games and the world cup have a long history since the Roman Empire, however; those mega events have established new developments in which they have improved the tourism industry depending on their geography. This paper will analyze the World Cup event that will be held in Brazil this year and will illustrate it's Strength, weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats in order to conclude a beneficial recommendations that can make the country having a successful event. ...view middle of the document...

Yet, it also considered the poorest preparation according to Sepp. (Rumsby, B. 2014). He views the preparation as less efficient than the South Africa preparation in 2010 that made their revenues from scratch. The infrastructure and the public transport system in the country are not in a high standard in most areas. Another major concern to the government of Brazil and the tourist around the world, who want to attend the events, is the high crime rate in the category of robbery, rape, fraud, and residential thefts. "There is significant and sustained organized criminal activity throughout Brazil, especially in major cities"(Brazil Crime and Safety Report, 2013).Poverty also is a major derive for crime and the increase of drug addicts in Brazil. The weaknesses could be summarized into the slow preparation (building stadiums), infrastructure, crime rate, and poverty.Opportunities:Besides the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil will also host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. These sport events will bring countless tourism opportunities to Brazil. According to "Whether it be a construction project for the Olympic facilities, or a business that benefits indirectly, such as a hotel or a property located nearby, these major sport events will offer opportunities for almost every type of entrepreneur and investor to make a healthy return" (Brazil. Land of the Future, Para 2). Brazil will spend money to developing infrastructure, health centers, transportation facilities and other aspects of hospitality. An increasing number of tourists will be attracted by the World Cup and come to Brazil to travel. Therefore, the World Cup in Brazil is creating a huge number of jobs in the tourism industry, because it requires a large number of volunteers and workers to help the World cup succeed. More tourists also can develop the economic of Brazil and increase the income for workers. The World Cup can attract much investment to Brazil that can help the business opportunities. "It is estimated that the world cup in 2014 will generate more than R$ 140bi to the Brazilian economy, between direct and indirect investments." (Global Intelligence Alliance, Para 4). That means these investments from foreign investors can help the economic growth of Brazil.Threats:In Brazil people demonstrated their anger by having a mass protest in different cities complaining about the high cost of living, low quality of education, and the high-cost of transportation (CNN, 2013, para.8). Riots in Brazil raises fear of transporting the event to the United Stated for security manner. There are many Brazilian supporters to the event to be established in their country. On the other hand, some...

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