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The essence of the marketing concept is the idea of placing customer needs at the center of the organization?s decision-making. The need to adopt this approach stems from a number of factors, including increased competition, better-informed and educated customers and, most importantly, changing patterns of demand. Primarily it is this change in patterns of demand that has given rise to the need to segment markets. This stems from the fact that higher standards of living and a trend towards individualism has meant that consumers are now more able to exercise their choice in the market place.Market segmentation can be defined as the process of breaking down the total market for a product or service into distinct sub-groups or segments where each segment may conceivably represent a separate target market to be reached with a distinctive marketing mix. Segmentation and the subsequent strategies of targeting and positioning start by recognizing that increasingly, within the total demand/market for a product, specific tastes, needs and demand may differ. It breaks down the total market for a product or service into individual clusters of customers, or segments. Here, customers who share similar demand preferences are grouped together within each segment.Effective segmentation is achieved when customers sharing similar patterns of demand are grouped together and where each group or segment differs in the pattern of demand from other segments in the market. In most markets, be they consumer or industrial, some kind of segmentation can be accomplished on this basis.The Benefits for a company segmenting a given market · Detailed understanding of customer needs and buying behavior.The development of differentiated customer propositions, tailored to the needs of profitable customer groups. Market and product appeals through manipulation of the marketing mix can be more delicately tuned to the needs of the potential customer.· The more effective allocation of resources.A reduction in the overall cost of marketing a product or service, or at least achieving a better return on marketing investment, by focusing on those segments which are most attractive or profitable.· Marketing opportunities identified Marketing opportunities and unfilled ?gaps? in a market may be more accurately appraised and identified. Such gaps can be real (e.g. sweet, strong, harsh or mild) or they can be illusionary in terms of the way people want to view the product (e.g. happy, aloof, silly or moody). In the case of the former, product attributes can fulfill these criteria whereas for the latter these attributes might well have to be implanted in the minds of customers through an appropriate advertising message.Segmentation Bases for Burger King in the UK · Geographic Burger King may divide the market into different geographic units within the UK. These may include regions, counties or even cities. In the case it decides to operate in one or more geographic...

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4281 words - 17 pages line.6.0 REFERENCESBillabong International 2004. Retrieved: September 30, 2004, from 06/12/1086749947661.html?from=storylhs.Blackwell, D.R., Miniard, P.W. & Engel, J.F. 2001, Consumer Behaviour 9ED, Harcourt Inc., Florida.Defining Your Target 2004. Retrieved: October 4, 2004, from, S. 2004, 'A day at the beach', Global Cosmetic Industry, vol. 172, no. 8, pp. 53-54. Retrieved: October 13, 2004, from Proquest.Thomas, P. 2004, 'Behind the Label: Suncream', The Ecologist, vol. 34, no.6, Retrieved: October 13, 2004, from Proquest.

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3053 words - 12 pages same time Venezuela is a masculine society:Cuenca and Alvarez (1991) point out that the majority of the Venezuelan that desires to undergo plastic surgery is for the purpose of securing a job, and maintaining relationships with family, community and couple.ConclusionThe obsession of Venezuelans to undergo plastic surgeries is a perfect example of how consumer behaviour works. Plastic surgery is not just a garment that's in this summer because you

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9113 words - 36 pages Nirankar.ReferenceKotler,P., Marketing management, 11th edition, 2003, Prentice Hall, New JerseySolomon, M.R., Consumer Behavior, 6th edition, 2004, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USAKotler, P. (1973-4) 'Atmospherics as a Marketing Tool'Bednall,S., Kanuk,W., 1997, Consumer Behaviour, Prentice Hall, AustraliaHawkins,D.I., Best,R.J., Coney,K.A., Consumer Behaviour- Implications for marketing strategy, 5th edition, 1992, Irwin, USA

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