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Consumer Behaviour Case Study Consumer Influences And Implications For The Events Of The Coonawarra

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IntroductionThe Coonawarra wine region is farmed for "its unique … soil and full-flavoured red wines" (Van Zanten & Ronning, n.d., in Neal, Quester & Hawkins, 2004, p. 370). Known throughout Australia and the world for its Cabernet Sauvignon, the Coonawarra region exports the majority of its produce but also maintains a strong market presence domestically. The Coonawarra Vignerons Association (CVA) region's main planning authority focusing on the promotion and development of the region. One of the main marketing goals of the CVA is to "increase visitation and visitor yield" (Van Zanten & Ronning, n.d., in Neal, Quester & Hawkins, 2004, p. 370).The focus of the CVA's investment "is in the area of hospitality and public relations" (Van Zanten & Ronning, n.d., in Neal, Quester & Hawkins, 2004, p. 370). Little is spent on paid advertising. The main promotions focus of the CVA is on four marketing and tourism events held each year.In January, The Coonawarra Cup, a public race meeting is held. Coonawarra After Dark, an evening event that allows people a behind-the-scenes experience, follows this in April. The third event, Coonawarra Unearthed, is held in association with the Penola Festival over a long-weekend May, combining food, wine and vineyard tours with cultural art and musical performances. The premier event is The Cabernet celebrations and Barrel Series Auction, held in October. The event takes place over three days and incorporates an auction, master class and other activities. All funds raised from these events goes towards various charities (Van Zanten & Ronning, n.d., in Neal, Quester & Hawkins, 2004, p. 371).As outlined in the case study by Van Zanten & Ronning (n.d., in Neal, Quester, & Hawkins, 2004, p. 371), "the CVA is very aware that it needs to develop appropriate tourism products and services for its visitors" (Van Zanten & Ronning, n.d., in Neal, Quester & Hawkins, 2004, p. 371), with tourists driving three to five hours to get to the region, the development of new wine regions and an increasing variety of holiday options, wine alone is no longer enough to draw visitors to the region.This report will begin by exploring the motivational theory behind event attendance. Consumer perception will be examined in terms of brand position, the influence of individual, situational and stimuli characteristics and marketing strategy implications. Emotions and learning theory will then be discussed, with particular reference to the CVA auctions. Following this a new event concept will be presented.1. Consumer Motivations and Event AttendanceNeal, Quester & Hawkins (2004, p.299), define motivation as being "the energising force that activates behaviour and provides purpose and direction to that behaviour", in other simpler terms, "motivation is the reason for behaviour". Motivation may be aroused by physical, emotional, cognitive or situational factors.While there are several theories or...

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