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Consumer Behaviour: Personality Essay

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Personality The term personality is usually used to describe distinctive, or habitual features, characteristics or properties concern the individual's way of copying with life. Perception, motivation and learning are processes. Personality is not a process, but we must distinguish between an individual's current personalities on the one hand, and how it arrived at that state on the other. The latter concerns personality development, which clearly is a process unfolding over time.Personality is the total pattern of characteristic ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that constitute the individual's distinctive method of relating to the environment.Personality is a broad, integrating concept, but all properties of the individual are not interesting. Most of the people have two legs, talk, dislike pain and get drunk at least once in their lives. These properties are not remarkable and do not set people apart from others. A one-legged, dumb, alcoholic masochist is however exceptional and therefore more interesting. The definition of personality is thus restricted to those properties that are distinctive and stable.1 Distinctive The properties that all or most people posses are not interesting, but those, which have the pattern of disposition unique to the individual, are. There may be a person, who is aggressive with waiters, shy with women and terrified of mice. There are also persons, who may share the first two of the dispositions mentioned above, with a friend, who breeds mice as pets. 1 Stable The properties that appear in different contexts and that endure through time, as well as properties that occasional, random and transient are not interesting. There are people, who are not punctual tend to be late for all occasions. There are also people, who are hardworking, cheerful and optimistic ten always to be like that.Some personality dispositions may be strong and appear frequently. One may always be a happy, optimistic and telling joke. Other dispositions may be weak and aroused infrequently or only in specific contexts. One may only be aggressive in restaurants and with waiters. In these ways, there can be endless variations in personality differences between people. If the concept of personality is to be useful in understanding human behaviour, two proportions will be accepted: 1) Human behaviour does indeed have stable enduring characteristics.2) The distinctive properties of an individual's personality can indeed be measured in some way and compared with others. 1 Use of the word personality There are some peculiar problems associated with the definition and use of word personality. People have to look before they proceed. The word personality is common in everyday speech, as well as in psychological research. The popular uses of the usually refer to: 1) Key characteristics 2) Quantity Key characteristics Imagine that the following statements have been done: One persona has an aggressive personality, which another has shy personality,...

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