Consumer Behaviour On How To Better Market Cars Mba Project

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Rajiv Gandhi Institute of petroleum Technology, Raebareli (UP)
Project on Consumer Behavior
Consumer?s purchasing Decision for passenger car
Submitted To-
Dr. Kavita Srivastava
Assistant Professor
RGIPT Raebareli
Submitted By
Saurabh Sharma
Sandeep Sahu
Nagarjuna P
Archita Dube
It is always difficult to acknowledge, so precocious adapt as that of learning, as it is only a debt that is difficult to repay except through gratitude. There are occasions where mere expressions of words stand nowhere near the feeling felt. The completion of this Project with its report is one such occasion.
We take this opportunity to express our warmest appreciations and give special recognition to all those individuals who have contributed immensely to make this project a success.
The formal statement of acknowledgement will hardly meet the ends of justice in the matter of expressing a sesnse of gratitude to our esteemed faculty and mentor for this project Dr. Kavita Srivastva for giving practical dimensions to our theoretical studies in the form of training and framing report which is suitable and highly beneficial.
Above all, we accord cordial regards to our loving parents and grateful to almighty for bringing us up in an atmosphere of life and confidence and infusing in us the spirit to face the challenges of life bravely that made us really work towards the goal of success.
Last but not least the least we express our gratitude to all those to have helped us, guided us and encouraged us but have been inadvertently left out.
Saurabh Sharma
Sandeep Sahu
Nagarjuna P
Archita Dube
Table of Contents
1- Introduction 5
1.1- Rationale behind the project 5
1.2- Research Objectives 5
1.3- Scope of the Project 6
2- Review of Literature 6
3- Research Methodology 7
3.1- Questionnaire Design 7
3.2- Sampling: Design and Procedures 8
3.2.1 Target Population 8
3.2.2 Sampling Frame 8
3.2.3 Sampling Technique 8
3.2.4 Sample Size 9
3.2.5 Classification of Sample 9
4- Data Collection 11
4.1- Mail Questionnaire 11
4.2 Personal Interviews 11
5- Results and Analysis of the Study 12
5.1- Information Sources Used 12
5.2 - Length of time from decision to order 13
5.3- Importance of waiting time 14
5.4- Time from placing the order to taking the delivery 14
5.5- Alternative Specification Taken 16
5.6 Number of Times Visited Dealer 18
5.7- Ideal Length of Time ? Order to Delivery (OTD) 18
6- Conclusions 20
Executive Summary
? With the automobile sector in India growing at staggering pace of 10-12% (in the year 2010), riding on the back of strong economic growth, many automobile majors have shifted their focus on the Indian subcontinent as a lucrative market. This has been evident from the largest number of launches in the year in various segments ranging from economy class hatchbacks to the premium sedans. This has lead to a cut throat competition in the sector and companies are vying to get customers to buy their products.
? All this has made it very important for...

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