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Consumer Buyer Organization Behavior In Marketing Analysis

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In this assignment the author has broken down in detail consumer buyer and Organization behavior in the concept of marketing analysis on the basis of existing theory
The subject will analyze the concept of consumers and organization buyer behavior with the aid of some example on the securities industry.
Consumer Buyer Behaviour
According to Armstrong and Kotler (2013) consumers buyer behavior means the purchasing operation of consumer for their final good and service for their kin and their personal household is used for consumption, consumers combine together to build up consumer market.. Consumers are the ones who eat the final products; commodities and service produced by manufacture and spread by a provider according to Armstrong and Kotler (2013). Consumers around the world are varied tremendously in their age; capital, training level and preferences, Consumers due related to certain products which deliver an impingement on their choice, different type of food and service for their final needed and requires. They purchase what they desire to purchase,
According to Jobber (2010). Organisation buyer behaviour means the buying process which organisation use to buy raw materials, for goods and service to manufacture them in to finish goods and service as their final products, for their consumers and suppliers in the market. When it comes to the buying of doe’s raw materials, final decision has to come from organisation purchasing officers to make decision. They will determine which type of products they want to buy. For example if an organisation wants to buy desktop printer from the UK market. There are many factors which they put into consideration. It’s very urgent to buy it, what purpose should they buy it if they buy this desktop printer, what value it will add to production, because of decision making process that why all these factors are put into consideration decision is nit made by one individual.
Before they purchase it, they have to evaluated it with other products of the same value and choose among the alternative suppliers within the market which will give them cheaper and reasonable price. According toJobber (2010) Organizational decision marker are within the organisation management staff, they authorise the purchasing of any products or items the organisation wants. Decision is not decided by one person within themselves. Marketers have to understand that, organisation buyer put certain issues into consideration, before making any decision if they buy this desktop printer it’s going to add value to their business.

That is why it’s very difficult for organizational buyers to make their purchasing decision very easy when it’s come to buying procedure, because they think of the consequences behind the decision making process which is very risk for them because they spend oodles of money when they determined to buy that's product, that's why few people within the management has to come together put...

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