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Marc Jacobs is one of the most celebrated and influential American fashion designers of his time. Launching the Marc Jacobs fashion line in 1986, he introduced an unconventional and quirky style to the American market that had never been seen before. With his first store opening in 1997 within New Yorks renowned Soho district, it would merely be just the beginning to the world-wide expansion of the brand. Most recently, in 2008, Marc Jacobs began introducing various lines of fragrances to the public, including Daisy.
It is important for Marc Jacobs to understand the consumers of the brand including their mental and social processes that influence them to purchase their ...view middle of the document...

On a social scale it could also be the need to have yourself recognized as someone who associates themselves with such a high-end brand, to simply be able to say or show to others that you wear Marc Jacobs perfume.
Based on Sigumund Freuds approach to personality research, he suggests that personality results from a struggle between inner motives and societal pressures to follow rules and expectations (pervin?). Making the decision to purchase Daisy perfume applies the personality component ‘id’ which focuses on pleasure-seeking motives and immediate gratification.
Consumers of Daisy perfume will also be affected by a type of reference group; a group of people who have a significant influence on their aspirations and behaviours. (bearden 184) These group members will generally share common goals and interests, perhaps a love for high-end perfume or the opinion that Marc Jacobs is a popular trend-setting brand. This also includes aspirational groups, which appeals to the consumers ideal self. Marc Jacobs perfume uses this desire of wanting to belong to a certain group by using fashion icons such as Dakota Fanning and model Hannah Holman for advertising their perfume campaigns.
Attitudes also play a role in the need recognition for Marc Jacobs perfume. The functional theory of attitudes- developed by Daniel Katz- offers an explanation as to the functional motives of attitude to consumers (Solomon, 2008). The value-expressive function is the most applicable to consumers needing to purchase a Marc Jacobs daisy. This function is employed when a consumer is basing their attitude
Once the consumer has recognized the need to purchase Daisy perfume, they then search for information about possible solutions to the problem. As this purchase can be seen as less involvement as say, buying a car, the information search may vary from consumer to consumer. The consumer will need to guide their choice and decision making process with a combination of internal information and external information.
An external search consists of the gathering of information from sources external to the consumer such as friends, family, salespeople, advertising, social media and the internet. External influences on the consumer can be vast. It can range from exposure to an advertisement on a billboard or a magazine, to product packaging or even simply smelling the perfume on another walking past and enquiring (word-of-mouth).
While searching for information on scent can be tricky, the...

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