Consumer Buying Behaviour & Organisational Markets And Buying Behaviour

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1 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR 31.1 Introduction 31.2 Types of Consumer Buying Behaviour 31.3 The Consumer Buying Decision Process 41.4 Personal factors influencing the buying decision process 51.5 Psychological factors influencing the buying decision process 61.6 Social factors influencing the buying decision process 71.7 Understanding consumer behaviour 82 ORGANISATIONAL MARKETS AND BUYING BEHAVIOUR 82.1 Introduction 82.2 Types of organisational markets 82.3 Dimensions of organisational buying 102.4 Organisational buying decision 132.5 Concluding remark 141 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR1.1 IntroductionWhat do we mean if we are talking about consumer buying behaviour?There are several decision ...view middle of the document...

In this case the consumer prefers a special brand but he also knows other brands of the same product class to have an alternative to buy if there is something wrong with his favourite brand.Limited Decision MakingThis is the case if the consumer buys a product occasionally or if there is a new brand, he doesn´t know about, in a familiar product category.For this type of decision-making, the consumer needs a moderate amount of time for gathering information and deliberation.Extensive Decision-MakingThis is the most complex decision-making behaviour. It happens when a purchase includes unfamiliar, expensive or infrequently bought products; for example cars, houses etc.The buyer uses a lot of time for evaluating alternative brands or choices and also for seeking information.A big contrast to the extensive decision-making processes that were mentioned earlier is the behaviour of the impulse buyers. These people do not plan conscious to buy, they have a persistant urge to buy something immediately if they like it. But often these people get in emotional conflicts, they often feel guilty because of their limited finances or something else.1.3 The Consumer Buying Decision ProcessAs I mentioned earlier, the decision process is a major part of buying behaviour. This decision process can be divided into five stages:Problem RecognitionThis occurs when the buyer notices that there is a difference between the desired state and the actual conditions. The consumer gets aware that he has to change something to get satisfied.For example, if somebody needs a car to get to work and one day the car stops working. In this situation the person recognises that there is a difference between the desired state (a working car) and the actual condition (a broken car).Information SearchAfter recognising the problem, the buyer searches for information about a new product which can solve his problem and also is able to satisfy his need (this is only the case if the decision process continues). For example, the above-mentioned car owner, after recognising the need for a new car, he may search for information about different brands and types of cars.Here we distinguish two aspects to an information search:In the internal search, buyers check first if they have any information about theneeded product in their memory.If they cannot get enough information from their memory for a decision, they are looking for more information in an external search. In the external search the buyer may focus on communication with friends or relatives, to hear about their experiences with special brands. He also can obtain information from public sources like manufacturers, salespersons or product-test organisations.Evaluation of AlternativesTo evaluate the products of which the buyer got information he is looking for criteria to compare the products. These criteria are for example characteristics or features that the buyer wants (or does not want). In the example of our car buyer these...


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2145 words - 9 pages existing attitudes and belief. This is what we called as selective retention. A female consumer might not be able to remember all types of bras introduced by the sales lady in a lingerie shop, but she will remember those that may satisfy her needs.LearningLearning refers to the changes in an individual's behaviour arising from experience. It occurs through the interplay of drives, stimuli, cues, responses and reinforcement.¡¨ (Kotler

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1469 words - 6 pages - 92Robbins, S.P., Bergman, R., Stagg, I., Coutler, M. (2003), Management, (3rd edn), Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSWSagie, A., & Elizur., D. (2002), " Work Values: A Theoretical Overview and a Model of Their Effects", Journal of Organisational Behaviour, Vol. 17, pp.503 - 14Schiffman, L., Bednall, D., O'Cass, A., Paladino, A., & Kanuk, L. (2005), Consumer Behaviour, (3rd edn), Pearson Education Australia, French Frost, NSWSinger, P., (2005), Practical Ethics, Cambridge university press

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3278 words - 13 pages can continue to make profits. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that a key part in this theory is that change is a journey rather than a simple step.References & BibliographyCommunicationJ. Bratton, P. Sawchuk, C. Forshaw, M. Callinan and M. Corbett. (2010) Work & Organisational Behaviour (2nd edition). Palgrave Macmillan:Hampshire.S.R. Covey and W. H. Whyte, Jr citations adopted from S. R. Axley. (1996) Communication at Work

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3263 words - 13 pages Women and Consumer Behaviour INTRODUCTION Consumer behaviour can be defined as “the acts of individuals directly involved in obtaining and using economic and services, including the decision process that precede and determine these acts.” (Engel et al, 1968, p 5) Buyer behaviour refers to “the acts of individuals directly involved in the exchange of money for economic goods and services and the decision process that determined these

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1376 words - 6 pages to meet the psychological needs of hunger and thirst. Harrods products and services for those who want have met their esteem needs. So Maslows concept is useful for marketers as it can help them understand and develop consumer needs and wants.Types of buying behaviour.There are four typical types of buying behaviour based on the type of products that intends to be purchased. Complex buying behaviour is where the individual purchases a high value

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2393 words - 10 pages Consumer Buying Behavior I. MARKETING, RELATIONSHIPS, AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR A. Consumer behavior comprises all the consumer decisions and activities connected with choosing, buying, using, and disposing of goods and services. 1. Marketers have to pay attention to consumer behavior that occurs before the purchase and continues after the product has been used. 2. Studying consumer behavior is one of the steps in marketing research and

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