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How do consumers choose what products they are going to buy? Do they blindly walk in to a store and choose the first thing they see, or is there a science behind their behavior of buying? This is a question that has plagued researchers for years. Millions of products are bought worldwide every day, but what drives consumers to buy what they do? The book, Consumer Behavior, states that there are four views of consumer decision-making. These views are considered to be models of consumers (462). These models “refer[s] to a general view or perspective as to how (and why) individuals behave the way they do (462). The models are split into four different views of consumer behavior in the ...view middle of the document...

This is exemplified when one is in need or a certain product but there are may different types available and they have to choose the one that suits them best. An example of this is a woman is in need of a new vacuum cleaner but there are many on the market. She will compare vacuum cleaners by their brands, prices, attachments, suction power, and weight. In order to cope with too much information coming in, also known as “information overload”, she uses decision making rules to rule out which vacuums are absolutely not going to be considered (463). Eventually, the woman will rule out all of the vacuums but one. She was constantly seeking information about a product that she needed and through all her research and comparing she ultimately found what she was looking for.
The final criticism says that, “consumers are likely to cease their information-seeking efforts when they perceive that they have sufficient information about some of the alternatives to make a ‘satisfactory’ decision” (463). An...

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