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Consumer Convenience Essay

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Many elaborate ideas from bright minds have made America what it is today. Just take a look around. Our cell phones, shoes, clothes, vehicles, entertainment systems, houses, are all items Americans strive to own and boast upon. These objects serve as icons in our society, icons of social status. New technologies and innovations bring increasing desire to obtain these newly developed products and services. The focus of most of these innovations seems to be placed upon the idea of making our lives easier and more entertaining. Shopping tends to be one of the biggest forms of entertainment, simply because people love the word "new". Today new products and services can be purchased not only from local retail stores, but over the Internet as well. We can always make the classic trip to the local retail store, so why would a person want to do their shopping over the Internet? There are many reasons I can think of as to why people would prefer to use alternative means to purchase goods and services. The major appeal lies in the convenience of buying things from home. By making purchases online people are able to avoid large crowded stores, save money by shopping around and avoid long lines. The Internet is a place where lowest price, convenience, and variety make their stand. Product comparison .com's such as Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and PriceWatch, are all websites which allow the customer to compare product prices, functions, and quality. The shopper can make good decisions by reading customer and expert reviews; then comparing the prices between thousands of online merchants to find the most value for the money. Merchant finders not only show comparison information but also have search engines enabled to allow for quick organized findings and detailed product descriptions. I don't see why conventional walk-in retailers like to confuse customers by consistently changing the locations of their products. I sometimes find it to be frustrating when I am shopping in a public place and discover that an item I am searching for that used to be in aisle 5, a month later, is now in aisle 12. For most of us this problems solution consists of finding an associate who would know where the product is now located, but even this can be a task in itself. It seems to be, that when a customer wants to be helped all of the employees vanish, but when a person is simply just browsing for that mystery item. The personnel appear to ambush the customer begging for a prompt sale. I believe this greatly discourages a large number of the consumer base, including myself in certain situations. It's irritating to feel rushed to make a decision that is barely even a consideration at that moment. The Internet allows the customer to shop at their own leisure without the pressure of store personnel and closing times. Everyone loves Christmas time, the season to spend money, and lots of it. During this time of year...

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