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Consumer FanaticismStudent NameAuthor AffiliationInstitute AffiliationDateIntroductionConsumer fanaticism is one aspect in today's business environment researchers have aimed to evaluate and establish what it really means. Studies undertaken have established that it's an extraordinary devotion towards a specific product of service from certain companies within the market, as Czellar(2003) termed it as a concept to which consumers are able to demonstrate dedication, intimacy and passion, to which is one that goes beyond an ordinary level. Ahuvia (2005) also states that, many consumer fanatics are usually of the idea that all they state in regards to their ideal brands or products are true, tending to ignore any conflicting ideas that would aim to divert their minds from the bands in question. Seminal studies have outlined the activities that many consumer fanatics undertake with inclusion of brand-worshipping which involves; brand cults, brand communities and consumption sub-cultures (Ahuvia, 2005). This paper will aim to outline the various types of fanatical consumers, the type of appeals that attract them, which industries they are mostly based in with the reasons for choosing them and how marketers have been able to capitalize on this with the implications involved.Kinds of fanatical consumersAs explained in within the seminal studies, the majority of consumer fanaticism that exists is usually based on the brand-worshippers category (Doran & Michael, 2003). Most brand worshippers engage in brand cults, brand communities and sub-cultures of consumption with others not needing to advertise to get consumers (Ahuvia, 2005). Many of today's brands, that don't require much of advertising have made much use of such, with the fact that their brands have become religious or mini-religious achieving the cult status (Martinich, 2000). Social media can be termed as one platform which has made it possible for such worshipping t take place, with brands having followers all over, twitter pages and even fan pages with many followers on Facebook (Ahuvia, 2005). Such loyalty can be demonstrated through subscription fees which many users will aim to part with or even joining their loyalty schemes which many companies with their brands will aim to capture a part of their consumers to be able to spread the gospel of their brand to a lot of followers (Belk, 2004). Brand cults and sub-cultures of consumption have dwelt much on brand values, making them be like new commandment, with brand scribes being their foundation in terms of defining their faith (Martinich, 2000). Some have utterly made such brands part of their life experience, as they have aligned themselves with such brands which they have described as being of like-mindedness.The belief they have mostly portrayed is one that would suggest being able to change the world they live, with others of the thought they have already changed it (Belk, 2004). They would adorn badges in support of their loyalty and...

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