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Consumer Market Research Essay

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Executive SummaryThis research is designed to increase strawberry producers and sellers' understanding of the factors influencing strawberry consumer's shopping behavior and the demand for strawberries so that they will be better able to make their own production and marketing decisions. The main purpose of this case study 'strawberry fields forever' is to gain a better understanding of the strawberry consumer market. The present case study involves a qualitative and quantitative research study of both purchasers and non-purchasers ofStrawberry where in-depth interview were conducted by means-end analysis for a sample size of 747 consumers. The data from the survey were edited and coded to be analysed using SPSS computer program. Values play a dominant role in guiding choice patterns. All consumer actions have consequences and they learn to associate a particular consequence to a particular action. Therefore, values provide the impetus for behaviour, the perceived consequence determine the behaviour and the attributes are what make up the strawberry that actually produces the consequences. So a sample interview was conducted about 747 consumers Australia to know about the mean and end value of buyers about strawberry. However, research has shown that brands are only valuable to buyers when the attribute being sought fluctuates and is hidden from them at the time of purchase.Major Findings:This consumer market research study has been performed in order to understand the market for strawberries. The only motive of the VSIDC is to increase the per capita consumption of the strawberries. A thorough has research been planned based on in depth interviews with consumers. Series of questions were asked with the multiple choice answers based on product and users behavior. Data collected has been analyzed with help of statistical software known as SPSS.Conclusions:At the end of research it may be concluded that research performed is very thorough. After reviews of the responses given by the respondents and the subsequent analysis of the same, this report has been prepared with important findings.IntroductionThis project is to improve the Australia's strawberry producers and sellers' understanding about the factors influencing strawberry's demand and consumer behavior. According to the market research, the Strawberry's marketing strategy in Australia will be improved by quantitative market research about the consumption analysis. The market research aims to gain the information of consumer behavior and personal characteristic, which are directly impact on the sales of Strawberry in the markets.The only motive of the VSIDC is to increase the per capita consumption of the strawberries. A thorough has research been planned based on in depth interviews with consumers. Series of questions were asked with the multiple choice answers based on product and users behavior. Data collected has been analyzed with help of statistical software known as SPSSProblem...

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