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MKT 4610 CRM WednesdayIndividual AssignmentName: Chan Hing Hong JerrySID: 52606241Explain to Mrs. Wen what CRM is and how CRM is different from traditional marketing.CRM, in a word, defines the continuous process of enhancing communication with customers, increasingly acquiring knowledge of customer demand and improvement on your current service to meet their escalating demand. However it differs from the traditional product-based or market-based mode. CRM provides our customers with more operational plan and make our internal process understood. As it can contribute to the whole competition of a company, more and more cross-continental company are taking measures to establish their own customer relationship management system.Use one (real) business case to analyze and illustrate how CRM can be implemented successfully.For my own part, I am so impressed by FedEx for its clear strategic decision on implementing customer relationship management. Its whole activities are all based on the following three points: the development of database, the establishment of calling center and the application of website. Database-developing process take advantage of more and detailed information about customer specific requirements. The establishment of calling center not only do well to the management of delivery process, but also simultaneously convey the updates to our customer, which making our operation understood. And the application of our website can lead to unnecessary sales forces and publicity staff. Only by pressing down the button, customer can connect to our operation platform. The only thing we should do is to assure our customer of in-time order processing and goods taking-away. It can save unnecessary trouble and simplify delivery process. We can learn from the process of helping others.Anyway, the aim of taking FedEx as an example is to illustrate the meaning of customer relationship management, each industry should be responsible for its specific CRM system respectively. As to ourselves, action should be done on the...

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