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The term consumer protection in legislations and organizations aimed at ensuring that the rights of consumers are protected. It also ensures that fair trade practices are implemented. Moreover, these laws ensure that there is free flow of information in the marketplace (Cranston, 1978). Consumer protection laws are supposed to stop businesses from gaining an unfair advantage over competitors. At the same time, it protects all stakeholders from fraud that may be perpetrated by the business. Other than customers, these laws provide protection for the vulnerable consumers in society. The four consumer rights are the rights of safety, of information, of choice and the right to be ...view middle of the document...

The consumer is capable of getting a refund from a supplier who sold or gave the good or service for free. Consumers are protected from false advertisements. They have a right to correct information and labeling. People in Qatar are allowed to form consumer rights groups.
Consumer Bill of Rights
On 15th March 1962, John F. Kennedy spoke to the United States Congress where he advocated for the four fundamental consumer rights. These four rights are what later the Consumer Bill of Rights became. They were later extended to eight rights. The UN, with the assistance of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection achieved this goal. After this, Consumers International embraced these laws as a charter. March 15th was marked as World Consumer Rights Day (Winn, 2006).
Products are other than automobiles aimed the right to safety. This right implies that no harm should afflict users if the products are used as prescribed. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) maintains control over thousands of products. It covers even performance standards, product-testing and warning labels (Howells, 2005).
The right to be informed is next. It states that business should furnish consumers with enough appropriate information. This enables them to make good decisions regarding products. Such information must be complete and truthful in areas such as financing, advertising, labeling and packaging (Howells, 2005).
Consumers have the right to choose. Consumers should have a variety from which to choose. Such varieties should be from different companies. Thus, there should be a liberal environment that allows for healthy competition. It suggests limits to the ownership duration of patent law, prevention of monopoly growth and price cutting (Howells, 2005).
The right to be heard is another consumer right. It allows consumers to raise concerns about a product so that the issue is handled in an efficient and responsive manner. In the United States, state and federal attorney generals have the power to voice concerns about products on behalf of their constituents (Howells, 2005).
The extension to eight rights saw the extension of rights such as the right to satisfaction of basic needs. It asserts that people should be able to access basic goods and services such as enough food, clothing, housing, health care, education, public utilities, water and sanitation (Howells, 2005).
The right to redress provides that consumers should receive just claims. The just claims include compensation for business misconduct such as misrepresentation, substandard goods or services. For instance, if mobile communication companies have hidden costs on the bill that are not explicit, they are answerable (Howells, 2005).
The third addition to the Consumer Bill of Rights is the right to consumer education. It states that consumers should get adequate information so that they make good decisions about goods and services. Such decisions are made when they have knowledge about consumer...

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