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Eating Healthy: Classism And Choice Essay

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What we eat, the way we do it, and why we do it, will always be scrutinized and in this article the author does just that. She argues that eating healthy or not depends on witch social class we fit in; witch can be true in a way. However, eating healthy or not can also be a question of choice. Obviously having more money will always give you more choices and the option to go for expensive products with higher quality. The journalist goes back to the 19th century saying that white bread was a luxury that only rich people could afford but showed no evidence that, by eating white bread they were healthier than the poor who could not afford it.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet doesn’t mean you always need to buy the most expensive foods. Neither does it mean having to switch to unhealthy foods, whose price tags may appear tempting, but which contain little or no nutritional value. Simply by making a few small changes to our daily lifestyles we can eat healthily, while saving money. There is a lot of information available from all different sources such as the NHS and the web where we can find ideas for meals that are healthy, tasty and best of all, won’t break the bank! The British Heart Foundation gave a simple but very effective example it read: Keep a supply of frozen fruit and vegetables in the freezer. They tend to be cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables but still count towards your five (or more) a day. We can get fresh and cheaper fruit and vegetables from local markets, again, is a choice that not everyone is willing to make. Conrad Dean, an American nutritionist said: `You probably think eating healthy is expensive. I’ll be honest — it is. But there are tricks to keep it low cost; consume tap Water. Check the price of water on your tap water bill. Now check the price of bottled water. Quit a difference, isn’t it? So why are you buying bottled water? Bottled water companies get their supply from the same source you do: municipal water systems. It’s like selling ice to Eskimos. If you don’t trust the quality of tap water, filter it yourself. I use a Brita Pitcher. One $7 filter cleans 40 gallons water`. Surely there is lots of ways to eat cheap and healthy but there are choices that people have to be prepared to make to eat according with what they earn and can or not afford.

Having less or money will always be a easy excuse to eat and live unhealthy and on the “Britain on the plate” article, Felicity Lawrence argues that lower classes are more likely to contract illnesses related with poor diet. She also says that people in lower social classes tend to seek refuge in alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. In fact, the money is there to spend, is to people to make a choice of where they want to spend their money on. If they spend their money wisely by getting cheap and...

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