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Consumption And Sustainability Essay

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PAGE PAGE 3 Consumption and Sustainability
Running Head: CONSUMPTION AND SUSTAINABILITYConsumption and SustainabilityVictoria GrayDTE 331 Humankind, Society and TechnologyChadron State CollegeMarch 16, 2009Consumption and SustainabilityFor many years, human consumed various resources of Earth including energy and raw materials not only to provide for their basic needs but as well as for their comfort. Adversities have risen owing to the growing consumption of available resources. The world is currently threatened due to the decreasing availability of resources. An evidence of this is the price hikes in oil, electricity and water consumption. As population grows, there is more need for residence and thus the construction of more homes contributes to the growing problem.This paper analyses the problems that originate from the consumption of energy and other resources. It also identifies the adverse effects of human practices in the sustainability of these resources. More importantly it will highlight the possible solutions that are offered towards diminishing these problems and prolonging our resources.Self-Assessment on ConsumptionIndividually, self-evaluation of consumption of resources is important. It makes us aware of our contribution to the growing problem. Upon taking a self-assessment test in, I have found out the consequences of my consumption. I reside in a two-bedroom apartment in a rural area of , it is very warm in the summer we do not get much snow in the winter time. In this light, my self-assessment revealed that I am living an ecological and conscientious lifestyle. Results of the quiz revealed that my consumption and lifestyle would result to 1.61 earths consumed (Appendix A). The amount of my consumption would be sustainable for the resources (Ecological, 2009). This means that there is balance between consumption and production of resources. I live in a warm climate consuming very little electricity and petroleum gas the heat in my apartment is gas, which is included in my rent along with my electricity. The distance I travel using automobiles is very short a two mile distance to my place of work which allows me to ride my bike in the summer when the weather permits, I also love to walk in the summer to the stores and to my friends houses. My immediate family resides in Michigan I do not get the opportunity to visit very often considering the distance. I have not given much thought on the implications of how rapid my consumption is and how fast the resources I am consuming have diminished. Many people continue with the kind of lifestyle they have without recognizing the consequences in the future. People have to be aware of how much they consume and the adverse effects of their practices to the resources of the world. As an individual I can help save energy through using energy-saving technology, and living a frugal lifestyle in many different ways like turning down the heat or air conditioning before I leave...

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