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Consumptions Effects On Poverty Essay

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The global society that the world has is a blend of production, exportation, and consumption. In moments of crisis people believe a solution is to go and buy things and take part in a consumer system, these beliefs are reinforced by advertisements, and as a result America and other capitalist societies have become addicted to consumption. But have these people ever wondered what over consumption is really doing to the world’s economy? Or how it affects everyone by leading to economic inequality and poverty!
Over consumption in America contributes to worldwide poverty. “Each person in the industrialized world uses as much commercial energy as ten people in a developing country.” Western cultures, specifically America have large consumer societies and although it has raised the standard of living for several people, it has also caused economic challenges for many others. Globalization has been a great way of connecting our world together, but with the export of jobs overseas to countries with high poverty rates such as China, Mexico, and India etc. it has caused these countries to become regressive. Jobs are exported to other countries because of the cheap labor that is provided there. For instance, if a company moves their location overseas to China they can pay the Chinese workers for their services significantly less than they would need to pay their previous employees in America. This system is damaging to Americans and the citizens in other countries. Americans lose their jobs and the employees in other countries don’t even make enough money to by the products they manufacture. This is where big box chains like Walmart come into the equation. People are so desperate for cheap products that companies move to overseas locations in order to obtain the cheapest form of production so that stores like Walmart can be stocked with cheap consumer goods. While consumer societies are virtually addicted to consuming goods developing countries struggle to earn enough money to attain the products they need to survive because the global competition in economics is growing along with consumption.
One of the biggest rising forms of consumption is technology. Almost everybody owns a phone, laptop, computer, tablet etc. These devices have taken over society and the desire for them is overwhelming. Over consumption can be seen in technology, and with the increasing consumer demands of it, technology has advanced. The advancement of technology has caused people in America and other countries to have to compete with technology for jobs. Developing countries don’t have all the means to the rapidly growing technology and as a result they can’t reach their full economic potential which causes many citizens to be in destitution.
When it comes to issues pertaining to economic inequality, many upper-class people are reluctant to change the systems because they are benefiting from them. Anup Shah Editor of Global Issues said, “In 2005 the wealthiest 20% of the...

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