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Consumptions Negative Influences Essay

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Dynamism and externalities have turned the ‘free market’ into a utopia for consumerism. Aldridge says “new technologies and new products continually make old skills redundant.” (57) Advancement in technology and new trends in society have led to the demolishment of the traditional skills society once obtained. Consistency in adaptability has become mainstream in the job market due to these innovations. Without adaptability in a fast pace environment, there is no guarantee for the consumer to obtain or hold a job. Aldridge says, “The free market punishes sloth and complacency, rewarding people who are enterprising, energetic and adaptable.” (57) This is why today’s colleges require ...view middle of the document...

’ (72).
False personalization is the most negative impact that has led to the decline of community. As discussed in topic 1, the creation of virtual relationships through fictional characters has influenced consumers that they have a personal relationship rather than a virtual one. In a way, it gives false hope and trust to a consumer. Take the Fruit of the Loom guys for instance. In various commercials, they talk and sing about the benefits of wearing cotton underwear and shirts. They give us the information they want us to know about the product such as texture and comfort, but they do not say where the cotton is obtained or how it is made. A consumer like myself would want to know these things. This would not happen between a customer and a retailer. The consumer would be able to ask questions and receive more insight having emotional confidence in the product. With a commercial involving a virtual character, the communication between consumer and seller is not fully developed. The consumer only has enough confidence to buy the product because of the information the character gives us rather than having full knowledge of the product’s contents. This is what leads to decline of community. True human connection is mostly lost and we are left with our isolated selves to depend on. It is then we become automated and begin to rationalize or accept the way society has evolved regardless if it is positive or negative. In
The ‘iron’ cage of Mcdonaldization has had a huge influence in the last two centuries. The efficiency, calculability, and predictability of McDonaldization has negatively impacted our modern-day lifestyle as consumers. Aldridge says, “modernity brings a decline in the authority both of tradition and of charismatic leaders.” (110) The advancements of technology and our transitions into new customs has made us a rationalized society. Take the effect of control on our national holidays. Before Christmas trees were sold with plastic branches, people would go to a Christmas tree shop or farm to...

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