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Trinity buoy wharf is located on the East side of London along the north bank of the river Thames where it meets bow creek. It was originally the location of Trinity house, an association involved heavily in the tools required to navigate the coasts of England, such as lighthouses, buoys and lightships. Trinity house has since been known as the pioneer constructors of their navigational equipment.

Trinity buoy wharf is currently the only site in England to be the home of a lighthouse, which was used to train lighthouse keepers and test new equipment. The lighthouse is currently not operational. The wharf itself was used for the construction and storage of buoys, which were able ...view middle of the document...

Both container cities are mostly home to low-income creative professionals such as artists and musicians, providing living areas as well as enough space for studio space.

USM use a variety of sustainable components in their container city designs, most of which can be found in the container city projects at Trinity buoy wharf.

Their biggest sustainable resource is at first glance the recycled shipping containers, however due to the energy used to make the shipping container habitable after the chemicals it has been exposed to; this may not be the case.
Due to the rigid corrugated sides of the steel shipping containers, they are very strong and can survive a large amount of stress, making them very structurally sound (hence their use as buildings) and also able to support elements such as green roofs.

The structures do heat up very quickly however and need considerable insulation where temperatures fluctuate a lot.
One of the shipping containers biggest strengths is the ease of transport as trains, and freight ships are tailored to transport these units.

Best of both

A solution to the relatively un-ecofriendly nature of the possibly contaminated steel shipping containers is to take their dimensions and create units using more eco-friendly materials such as wood, maintaining the benefits of fast transport and quick construction times, and allowing for easier adjustment, albeit at the cost of no longer recycling the containers,

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