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Contemporary Art Today Essay

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Contemporary art is produced at the present period in time, which it mainly refers to the meaning of the spirit, and have a modern art Modern language. When people are faced with a work of art, there is a complex judgment or intuition feeling which to consider about it has artistic value or not. Exposure of today's artists and cultural environment and in the face of today's reality, their work will inevitably reflect the characteristics of today. “A work of art is a tautology in that it is a presentation of the artist’s intention, that is, he is saying that a particular work of art is art, which means, is a definition of art” (Diarmuid Costello, Jonathan Vickery, pg.22, 2007). Artistic inheritance is a historical necessity of any art is constantly successor of the previous generation of art. Development of contemporary art can be said to follow the human development and growth. Of course, no matter what kind of art form, and they reflect the performance of all modern social changes which to bring the social and psychological characteristics to show the artist's exploration of artistic expression.
During the research field trip in the Downtown gallery, one of the most interesting artist which called Randi Nygård. Her works If You Imagine Cutting the Universe into Pieces, the Different Parts Can Serve as Clocks for the Others 2 (2013) which made by mirrors, digital prints, steel was really attracted attention and the size of this work was 130*50*50cm. The work was presenting the natural state of the world like mountain, cell, flower, river and clouds. She was really special to using the mirror in this art piece which people in the front side could see themselves in the mirror, but they could not see themselves very clear in the backside of the art piece. This point was very interesting to show the integration of art and people, like people were standing inside of the art and mixed with mountain, cell, flower, river, and clouds. The relationship between the art and self were being a part. Like people were living inside as if asleep, then everything would continue to do so. However, the color of the piece was changing by the standing position which when the viewers were standing in the front, the color was more transparent and clear for people to see themselves in. But, when viewers were standing in the back the color of the piece was totally different which more colorful and the textures became deeper in atmosphere.
“All art is in part about other art”(Terry Barrett,2012). The work that made by Randi Nygård has contained another meaning that she wanted to express the importance of ecology environment. The environment was changing by years changed like mountains or rivers were totally different when they first appeared in the earth. The work evoked society to pay more attentions on the protection of environment and nature sources. The sculpture of layered mirrors and photos of patterns in nature was an attempt to manifest the hypothesis, which...

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