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A few months ago a girl named Cindy's parents took a vacation to America, leaving her alone with her aunt and two daughters, Tiphisha and Moya. Her parents lived in England and were extremely wealthy, and for that reason her aunt, Lorna and her daughters were jealous of Cindy and despised her very much.
They treated her very bad, Cindy had to do all the chores in the house in order to keep it clean. They ordered her around and gave her dirty clothes to wear. They would keep her locked in the basement so that no one would know that she was there. Cindy's life was made difficult, she often sits by the cinders and cry, and wish her parents had took her with them. But in the pass times, she would sing, which is something she loved with a passion.
One hot sunny day her aunt sent her to the market for a loaf of bread. While she was getting the bread the king servant made an announcement in the middle of the market. ?Here ye! Here ye! The king of England is throwing a ball for his son at the palace, an invitation will be delivered at your door.? He said as he left the market. Cindy got the bread and ran home to share the good news with her aunt and cousins.
Cindy was in the kitchen making dinner, when the door bell rang ?Cindy go get the door!? shouted her aunt. Cindy took her apron off, and rushed to answer the door. Standing at the door was a servant from the palace with a paper in his hands, ?good day ms, the king ordered me to deliver an invitation to the ball? ?thanks? Cindy said taking the invitation and went to show her aunt. Her aunt and cousins were excited about the news, they went shopping the next day leaving Cindy alone in the house to do all the work, while they spent all her parents? money.
Cindy wanted to go to the ball too, so she asked her aunt ?aunty can I come to the ball?? ?Well, the invitation did say that every woman in the house is invited, but you have to promise that you will finish your work.? She said with a wicked smirk on her face, as she walked off laughing. Cindy tried, but she wasn?t finished in time. After they left Cindy went down to her room and lay on her bed and started to weep. She was lying beside a bible, was looking at a old picture that she and her parents had took when she was younger, just to remember how happy she was.
As she kept on weeping she repeated these word a couple of times ?I want to go to the ball, I wish my parents were here.? A pure tear drop fell on the page of the bible and it turn to Philippians 4:13. She heard a...

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