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When people think global issues, world hunger is often what comes to mind, not enough people see obesity as an issue that requires equal attention. One of the reasons that this issue would require more attention is that it is a growing issue in modern societies that affect the day to day lives of obese individuals. Obesity prevents daily physical activity and therefore increasing many health risks. Mental illnesses such as depression are results of obesity. Some of the individuals that are affected by such diseases and illnesses have completed much less than even half their lives before having to deal with such issues. Obesity is a growing issue that requires more action. On a daily basis, the first world battles many illnesses including heart disease, cancer, blood pressure and diabetes, these illnesses are all results of obesity. An example of obesity is simply sedentary lifestyle choices, such as watching television. A study done at the University of Leicester and Loughborough University in England; has found in 18 studies, including 800,000 participants, that sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. In another study, Australian researchers looked at TV watching specifically. "TV viewing time may have adverse health consequences that rival those of lack of physical activity, obesity and smoking," it stated. "Every single hour of TV viewed may shorten life by as much as 22 minutes." Through these researches, its proven how dangerous inactivity can become for an obese individual. The risks of diabetes, heart disease and death, increasing is enough to ensure that more action needs to be taken. Every hour of watching television may shorten 22 minutes of your life; why is watching television even allowed because how many lives does the first world lose on a daily basis because of increased television? There needs to be restrictions in order to prevent more deaths from occurring. Moreover, cancer is a huge battle that is fighting world at this exact moment. Sitting too much increases risk of cancer is a claim made in a 2010 literature review in cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention by Christine Friendenreich, a cancer epidemiologist at the University of Calgary; it's found that sitting was associated with a higher risk of colorectal, endometrial, ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as cancer mortality in women.These cancer types are very common among individuals in America. Therefore, inactivity being a cause should be stopped. The cure to cancer is being strived for but is yet unfound. This study shows how more activity would lead to less cancer patients, without a cure. If one can prevent from attaining cancer in the first place, the world will have moved one step closer to beating our long battle against cancer. Lastly, the medical bills have also risen in America. The more diseases and illnesses that the world is encountering the harder it's becoming to fight them. Chronic diseases account for...

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