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I have chosen the definition of partnerships of 2008, guide to successful Corporate-NGO Partnerships. GEMI, and EDF. This reference was very useful on the terms of how I found relative information about the strengths of partnerships put this in to my part of the presentation, because the information showed a lot information relating to how partnerships work.
I have chosen and on my definition on how comparing information about what Cool Earth and Uniliever will do to help each other out. I put this information, I collected within my part of the presentation as there were lists of ways they both can help each other out.
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Understanding what a FTSE 100 company is allowed the group to select our company, firstly the FTSE 100 is the 100 most capitalized companies on the UK stock exchange. Out of the 100 companies we decided to choose Unilever due to how well they linked with the NGO we chose Cool Earth as we believed they fit very well for example firstly on the scale factor , Cool earth is the fastest growing charity in Europe pairing with the 3rd largest consumer goods company then you have a very highly branded partnership . This links with Unilever currently identifying the need for environmental policy with targets such as having 100% sustainable materials by 2020 , linking with Cool Earth perhaps they have the expertise in order to attain Unilever’s target before that date. These points highlight why we have chosen both Cool Earth and Unilever to have a partnership.
In our presentation we came up with some great points and examples of how our FSTE 100 Company links to the organisation we chose. We have talked about partnerships and how they share their responsibilities, and also given detailed examples of what an NGO is and how they operate and given a real life example which is cool earth, as mentioned in our presentation is a non- profit business, it’s a charity that operates through charitable donation. Our aim was to find out how NGO would collaborate with Unilever’s focusing on because related objectives. That being said we did find out that when measuring up the value of a partnership they might be disadvantages such as cost , emission and revenue, but as a closing remark we did find out that there is a positive link between Unilever’s and cool earth and believe that the relationship between the two is very positive, the help that has been received from Unilever’s has been acknowledged for example there has been help from to improve their environmental policies and programs to get the best out of helping out 60 villages around the world overall we do think that there is a lot of benefits that happen from a successful partnership such as improved
The ideology that business partnerships are motivated by the mutual benefit is backed up by GEMI’s (Global Environmental Management Initiative) and EDF’s (Environmental Defense Fund) talk on NGO partnerships (GEMI. & EDF. 2008.) it, highlights how in today's world businesses, customers and shareholders have greater concerns that profit margins, and that NGOs’ become more capable of achieving their goals more effectively through the businesses marketing channels. This is summarised well in this passage:...

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