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Contemporary Issues In Management Essay

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4) It is apparent that the only thing constant in business is change. Organizational change is often an overwhelming challenge for business leaders, managers and employees alike. The need for change may be the result of market shifts, economic environment, technology advancements or changing work force skill-set demands. Today Organizational change occurs for reasons that originate external to the organization (Chandler, 1996: Hannan & Freeman, 1984), as well as internal to the organization (Baker 1990: Prechel 1994). Thus, External constraints, internal constraints, resource dependency and increasingly growing competitive markets force organizations to change in order to maximize ...view middle of the document...

The literature states that readiness occurs when the environment, structure and organizational members’ attitudes are receptive to forthcoming change (Holt et al., 2007). There is also a need to integrate empirical findings on organizational change, through Meta Analysis studies, to grow and advance the literature (Roberston, Robers, & Porras, 1993).
Where there is change in an organization there is also resistance that comes with it. Val and Fuentes (2003) analyzed the significance of resistance management and its effects on change success. For example Caruth, Middlebrook, and Rachel (1995) state that the key to rising above resistance to organizational change is to (a) create the proper attitude and (b) communicate, communicate, and communicate. Leaders and managers must lead by example, solicit feedback from employees and lastly have a reward mechanism in place to promote acceptance. Leaders must also be able to articulate the rationale behind the change and also be proactively prepared to deal with resistance (Henry, 1997).
My topic is on the emerging field of social entrepreneurship and how there is a need for new ideas and research streams to contribute and help grow the field. In my paper I am examining social innovation which is change in itself. The literature lacks a theoretical model to help map out how a initial social entrepreneurship endeavor can scale up and develop into a large business and make a global impact. This organizational development process involves change and sometime the change can be radical. Expansion requires new systems, new processes, and new structures.
Social entrepreneurs are defined as individuals who start up and lead new organizations or programs that are dedicated to mitigating or eliminating a social problem. So the social entrepreneurs deploy change strategies that differ from those that have been used to address the problem in the past (Bloom & Chatterji 2009). Social Entrepreneurship continues to be a field of interest that crosses many academic disciplines and challenges the traditional assumptions of business development (Dacin, Dacin & Matear 2010). Basically social entrepreneurs usually start with small community based initiatives, targeting local issues; they tend to develop as an organization to have a global impact creating social value (Santos 2013).

5) Sometimes the term ethics and morals can be confused or used interchangeably. However, they have distinct differences in their definitions. Morals refer to some unwritten set of values that people use to assist with decision making and regulate behavior. On their contraire, ethics refers to something that’s written down to be used in a particular context (Francis, 1999). This would mean that research ethics are principles that researchers use to decide what is appropriate in a research study.
Ethical Research is about doing what is right no matter what the consequence is. It is about upholding the...

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