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The Evolution Of The Notion Of Man From Julius Caesar To The Modern Man

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What does society think of when they look at “The man” today? Some may say that they are how they have always been and will continue to be “a man;” but, what is a man? Is it just the human male or is it the action he preforms that deems the title “man”? Today people see the male as a sex driven, lazy slob whose only goal in life is to get in with the cool group no matter the cost. Is this the worst, or is the male slowly becoming a wasted frat boy who can’t control himself? If one looks back to the time of Julius Caesar, are the men more noble, responsible and valiant? In todays society, men are selfish, lazy, arrogant, slobs who are no more useful than a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest as opposed to the noble men of ancient Rome.
The word “noble,” in the eyes of society today, is having or showing qualities that people admire such as honesty, integrity, and generosity. This sounds like a person one could respect and is a man that was commonly found on the streets of ancient Rome. If you look at Julius Caesar for example, you see a man that was patriotic and really loved him country. Caesar was a son, nephew, husband and a successful politician and military leader stopping at nothing to defend his country, family and honor.
Today, it is seen that some men still uphold these desirable qualities and that is great; however, the majority of men are lazy. That word has come up multiple times already but what does it mean? Men are lazy in the sense that they do not try. From a young age it seems that academically men just don’t care. It is one thing to be physically unable to read and write but it another thing to not even try learning these valuable abilities. Throughout the rest of ones years of education it is hard to catch-up after the vast amount of time already spent slacking.
The family unit was very important in ancient Rome and you cannot have a family without a wife. Much like today, men of Rome would offer a woman a ring or other gifts as a token of marriage. Romans would marry to ensure that their heritage would be passed on from generation to generation and divorce was a hard thing to come by. According to an article on the history of divorce in ancient Rome,” Divorce could have resulted in serious fatal flaws such as adultery, other rules, such as making copies of the household keys, consuming wine, and infertility. Besides marital faults, there was always the desire to no longer remain married (Rosini).”
When someone thinks about the husband and wife in today’s society, they most likely think, “when did that start up again?” According to the United States government census, more than 47 thousand marriages ended in divorce (U.S census). This is a huge number and one frankly that should not be that high. The male today thinks that it is ok to just get up and leave; to take everything he wants and leave the rest of the family to fend for themselves, this puts all the stress on the woman of the household. Women are strong and...

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