Modern Perspective Of American Government And Politics.

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Politics play a vital role in the decisions, policies, and procedures of contemporary American government. Although the hierarchal levels of government differ in size and authority, their political roles are similar. In dealing with the United States' current concerns, all levels of government are constantly under pressure and must improvise accordingly. Indeed, interest groups, public opinion, and political parties are just some of the profound influences upon the government's decisions. By equally satiating the wants and needs of these groups in addition to resolving key problems, a government fulfills the duties that it has toward its respective city, state, or country. On the downside, a government's constituents also possess their own self-interests and egoistical motives which hinder the progress of governmental endeavors. Government officials' gluttony and greed sacrifice environmental, economic, foreign, and social policies in order to achieve individual success. However, numerous politicians dedicate themselves to the betterment of their appointed field through compromise and self-sacrifice. Thus, present day American politics stand divided amongst the malignant and benignant.A favorable environmental policy is imperative to the reputation of a government. Nevertheless, often times the environment receives insufficient awareness, as social, economic, and foreign difficulties attract the majority of attention. As of today, Fresno, California, suffers from a terrible amount of air pollution which stands as a health hazard in face of Fresno County's fast-growing population. In order to deal with this escalating problem, California state Senator Dean Florez has decided to "put pen to paper on a historic package of air pollution bills"(LA Times, 8/27/03, B1, B8). At the head of these bills, "agriculture, the most powerful industry [in] [California], [must] give up its 60-year-old exemption from clean air rules" (LA Times, 8/27/03, B1, B8). Florez's bold actions indicate upon his worry for the health of Fresno County citizens. Courageously, Florez is willing to renovate California law to ensure the wellbeing of a minute portion of the state. In light of his decision, Florez has faced much opposition from "local lawmakers who find it hard to defy agriculture, the region's biggest employer", as well as from "urban legislators [...] who admittedly have no interest in farm issues and consider themselves advocates for the environment" (LA Times, 8/27/03, B1, B8). As a result, "a Florez bill that would end agriculture's exemption" has been opposed "in a committee vote" (LA Times, 8/27/03, B1, B8). Despite Florez's attempts to allay a detrimental situation, several of his contemporaries have negated his efforts. Furthermore, "some of the urban lawmakers have made it clear to colleagues that their goal in opposing the clean air legislation is a partisan matter"; primarily, "they are seeking to protect the Assembly's most vulnerable Democrat, Nicole...

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