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Contemporary Realistic Fiction Book Report

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Five teenagers. Five different addictions. One rehab center. Clean by Amy Reed is a very eye opening book. It was published in 2011 and has 272 well written pages. There was no particular reason why I chose this book. When I read the inside cover it was very appealing to me since I have never read a book on this topic, rehabilitation for drug addicts.
Olivia. She is the quiet, timid girl addicted to diet pills who has a severe case of OCD. Olivia is a little, petite, fragile, skinny 17 year old girl with long brown hair. She got started on prescribed diet pills at age 14 because her malicious mother thought she was too overweight to be in that perfect, rich family. Olivia hated her mother. ...view middle of the document...

They're all teenagers, all addicts, and they all hit rock bottom. The theme of Clean by Amy Reed is that even in the worst times you can get better. The whole book is an overall example of this theme, but there are three events that really proved that the theme is true. One event that happened in this book that proves that the theme is true is when people who are sober came to rehab and talked to the kids and told them that things will get better and that it will get easier to go without the things they are addicted to. These people who use to be addicts who are now sober make a huge impact on the kids, showing them that that could be them someday. Another event that happens in the book that shows the key theme is when Eva and her Dad work out their problems during family day. After Eva's mom died, her and her dad stopped talking. Eva felt like she was invisible to her dad and felt like she didn’t even have a father. When Eva was doing drugs she was always hoping that her dad would pay attention to her and catch her, but he didn’t for about a year. When her dad did find out that she was an addict it didn't make anything better, it just made things worse. Now her dad was ashamed of his daughter. The daughter that he hadn’t payed attention to for the past year. When there was family...

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