Contemporary Society Has Done Enough To Respond To The Legacies Of Historical Globalization

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Criteria: What acts have actually been made to respond to the legacies of historical globalization? How have these effects been made in trying to respond to historical globalization? What has changed since then? What has not changed?
Position: I disagree that contemporary society has done enough to respond to the legacies of historical globalization for many reasons.
Reasons: Some of the reasons I think this statement is not true are, even thought society has improved since historical times, society still has many problems and is nowhere near being a perfect world and fixing every flaw. We see and hear about people around us getting hurt everyday from various issues that have not been solved, yet we have not made a serious effort in order to stop issues that are happening around us every day, if human beings tried harder to make change there is the possibility that society as a whole would become better place to live for everyone. If everyone honestly wanted to end all problems in the world, there should be a greater effort put in to stop them.
Examples: Slavery; slavery is still playing an active role in today’s society, in fact, Kevin Bales, the lead researcher of global slavery index, recently discovered that despite the fact that slavery today is illegal in all places, there are still 29.8 million people involved in hidden slavery right now. Most likely the majority of hidden slavery is happening underground and in places where we cannot see. A few days ago there were three women discovered in a home who were forced into the act of slavery for 30 years. Although many people may think that slavery has been an inactive part of society for many years, in reality, today we still have the ability to buy a slave for just $90.

Another example of how society has failed to make positive change in response, started with the South African Apartheid. It started in 1926, when black people outnumbered whites, with a ratio of 10:1. At this point the government decided to create a law that made sure the white population were able to keep political and economical control in their own hands. Parts of the apartheid still exist today such as racism and inequality. The law even restricted black people from voting and they only allowed them to have certain jobs and areas to live, they also forced the children to attend specific schools. Although Africa has continued to strengthen and grow, unfortunately poverty and inequality still plays a huge role today. It is even said that the amount remains “unacceptably high and the pace of reduction is unacceptably slow”. The stopping of both racism and the struggles of people everyday lies in the hands of each person who walks the earth. If this is true, then why hasn’t anyone done anything?
Another example of how society has not completely improved is by Non Government Organizations. Although many people may think NGO’s are helping society by putting money towards organizations that need the money to help people but...

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