Modern Warfare And Technology: Essay

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In today’s modern world, faster and faster are the world’s strongest nations developing new and advanced technologies for the future. Where they all start is in the government’s military field, where they search, and discover new innovations every day.
To look for the world’s most modified computer technology one place to look at would be the U.S military. Every year the U.S. spends over a trillion dollars on inventing new technologies, and expanding our knowledge in science. The government has also seen new advancement in technology, from the F/A-18 Hornet, a military aircraft that flies past the sound barrier, to the infamous atomic bomb. These are just a few of the many military inventions that can be seen today. The U.S. military takes pride in their astonishing inventions, and as soon as one country tries to follow their steps, they have already invented a newer, better, installment.
The U.S. military has many different aircrafts with each having their own purposes. The MQ-1B Predator for example is a very expensive, but useful aircraft. All remote operated, this plane can speed up too high speeds, has automated tactic missiles, and filled with dozens of automated cameras for enemy surveillance. A predator can speed over a small city, and can take a visual GPS automated 3D map of the surface and relay the data in an instant, to its stationed base. According to an incident, “In November 2002 in Yemen, a Predator UAV was used to drop a Hellfire missile which destroyed a civilian vehicle carrying suspected terrorists,” ( this not only shows how powerful, but by how easy of means a simple task like pinpointing a missile to hit a terrorist is becoming these days. Should we be scared by how dangerous and easily these aircrafts can do so much damage? Well truthfully it’s like a double edged sword, this may be a great advancement for us, but at what cost are we giving our enemies with this new technology?
As the threat of nuclear abomination seems closer and closer, the worlds Navy fleets have also been altered to fit this growing threat. Using anti-nuclear deterrent missiles, and undetectable radar, the U.S. Navy is ready for any imminent attack that dares attack U.S. soil. Ballistics submarines, also known as “Boomers,” are one of the United States first lines of defense in time of any nuclear attack. Carrying one nuclear reactor and shaft onboard, the submarine is armed with 24 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), MK48 torpedoes, and more, the submarine is a very imminent threat to any country it targets. The process to design and perfect the nuclear missile took a total of 15 tries; having problems with the missiles dynamics, including issues from the thrust vector control system, to preciseness, range, and weather causing self-destruct patterns, the nuke was something that seemed as never going to launch. The scientists...

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