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Modern Writing This Essay Describes How Modern Authors Such As Ernest Hemmingway, Robert Frost, And Anne Sexton. This Essay Describes How Dark And Depressing Modern Writing Can Be.

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Modern WritingDark and grim descriptions of life fill the lines of modernist poems. Modernists writing often describe scenes of loneliness and desolation. The souls of modern writers are empty and separate from the rest of the world. They rarely write about happiness and freedom. The disturbing passages of modernist authors can be credited to feelings of loneliness and alienation.In a poem by Robert Frost, Acquainted With the Night, a rainy street sets the scene for sadness and reunion with the dark. Frost, in the poem, is wandering down the cold, wet streets disconnected from the world. His only companion is the night. He explains that he has seen the saddest city lanes, that he has walked in rain, and that he has out walked the light of the city. Times does not seem to matter to him as he glances at the glowing clock tower. Acquainted With the Night certainly has an alienated theme that contributes to the modernist style of writing.Another example of a sad, lonely person is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock written by Ernest Hemmingway. This poem is a pathetic scene of a skinny, funny-looking, little man. He doesn't have one ounce of self-esteem, he troubles over every little decision, and he's no George Clooney. Prufrock also feels left out. He's outside looking into high society. He feels as if the women are talking about him. He feels that they are saying he is too skinny and bald. He feels so worthless that he tells himself he should have been a lowly crustacean. He believes so strongly that he is separate from the others in the room that he fears talking to anyone. He doesn't want to disturb the universe with his inferior presence. He says he may be...

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