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Implant Procedures
[Implants are used to give a strong foundation to the new teeth/tooth. It requires a long procedure to get fixed. They require same care as of the natural tooth.]

Fixed &Removable Denture
[A set of false teeth are called dentures. Dentures are used to replace the missing tooth/teeth. Dentures are chosen when the bridges fail in the task of replacing the missing tooth.]
Dentures are of different types. It can be made of acrylic, fibreglass, metal or a combination of any of these materials. Fixed dentures are cemented to the place whereas, removable dentures can be removed whenever you want to. The dentist will recommend you the best one for you after a thorough examination.
Flexible &Immediate Denture
[Flexible dentures are used as a comfortable alternative to the traditional dentures. They do not require metal clasping or mechanisms to hold them in place. Immediate dentures are placed immediately after the teeth removal.]
Individuals who suffer from losing one more of their natural teeth will have great benefit by using flexible dentures. Flexible dentures are aesthetically pleasing. They are quickly manufactured and patients do not have to wait more.
Most of the immediate dentures are made of acrylic with ball clasps. They are transitional. Immediate dentures are more challenging when compared to the flexible dentures.
Dental Crowns - ceramic & metal
[Tooth-shaped cap placed over the tooth is called a dental crown. They are placed over the tooth in order to restore the size and shape of the tooth and also to improve its appearance.]
Main objective of dental crowns is to protect a weak tooth from breaking down or to hold it from cracking in parts. It can even hold a dental bridge and dental implant. Different types of materials are used to make dental crowns. Among them, the most common are the ceramic and metal crowns. Metallic crowns are stronger when compared to that of the others. Ceramic crowns give a more natural look to the tooth.
[As the name indicates, dental bridges are capable of bridging the gap created by the missing tooth/teeth. They are used to restore the natural functioning of the tooth and also to improve the aesthetic appearance.]
There are mainly three types of bridges- traditional bridges, resin-bonded bridges and cantilever bridges. Dental bridges are long-lasting. With proper care, they may last for 15 years or more. They can make the activities such as speaking, chewing, eating etc. easier. You may have to pay one or two visits to get the bridge fixed.
Geriatric Dentistry
Full mouth rehabilitation
[The process of restoring the mouth including every nook an corner is called full mouth rehabilitation. It is a kind of full package that can transform your smile to an attractive one.]
The entire process may take two or four dental visits...

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