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Law and Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit) and Bones were the two shows I decided to watch for analyzing content. The reason more than one show was picked was because I wanted a little variety in the information and data I was receiving. Different shows are going to provide different information and provide different data. These two shows covered a wide spectrum of crime shows and would be helpful in providing variety in the data collection process. My topic of choice was gender and how gender roles are portrayed in these television shows. I chose Law and Order: SVU and Bones because they portray two very different versions of crime shows. Law and Order: SVU is a crime show that shows the police side of the crime process. This show deals specifically with the arrest, fact-finding process, and trial process of a crime. It does not deal with the scientific aspect of determining how victims were killed or hurt. Bones in contrast, is not entirely focused on the arrest and trial process but more specifically focuses on the scientific and anthropological aspect of determining facts in a crime scenario. Although the show does have some of the police actions involved, its main focus is on science. In conjunction with this idea, I find these two shows the most enjoyable to watch and was curious about how they portrayed gender roles. The question was whether they would be similar or not.
For Law and Order: SVU, I chose to watch two very different episodes. I had seen these episodes in the past and knew that the stories presented different representations of victims and perpetrators. The first episode "Twenty-Five Acts," had an almost equal representation of men and women with the episode having eight women (53% of the total) and 7 men (47% of the total). For this episode, there were actually more women in leading roles than men. The second episode also had a higher representation of women than men. The second episode "Acceptable Loss" had a 3-1 representation with 15 women (75% of the total) and 5 men (25% of the total). The reason there was significantly more women in this episode is because of the way in which the victims were represented and because of the types of crimes the episodes dealt with.
In both of these episodes, women are portrayed as the victims of sex crimes with men as the perpetrators or criminals. In the first episode, one women is represented as the victim of an aggravated assault and rape. The other female characters in the show are depicted in high "power-positions" including two detectives, a defense attorney and the judge in the case. This creates an interesting scenario because the defense attorney is representing the rapist in court. This also represents one of the greatest tenants of our legal system, all people are guaranteed equal representation before the law. In the second episode, eleven of the female characters are victims of a sex trafficking ring, two are detectives, and one is represented as being a terrorist. In both...

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