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'content Is King' Essay

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Content is debatable in as much as media houses are concerned. Published material or information intended for passing across may be of high quality but then the channels used for distribution and publishing may make it poor. The issue of quality content then is guided by not only the need to make money, political and media economics, but by distribution, advertising, the channels and delivery need. It is however undeniable that content is indeed King, and then the issues of distribution, advertising of the content and economics are queens (Hesmondhalgh, 2002, p. 19-20). Without content, there are no profits due to the fact that there will be no customers.
The love for media production and investment has been there for a long time and this has made the houses strive to go with the current changes to keep the business lucrative. Besides having the investors stay, the houses have had to make the changes also for the customers. Quality content is begotten by creativity, the ability to make it more appealing. Creativity has thence dug in deep into the cultural industry and has evolved to become part of the agenda related to the innovation of technology, the increase in the knowledge of economics and the dynamics of the labour markets (Caves, 2002: Hesmondhalgh, 2002, p. 12, 15).
Customer loyalty in any business entity is the main aim as with it comes along profits. This is to say that in order to capitalize on profits, companies, even production houses have to engender fierce loyalty from their customers and make their customer bases larger. The face of the production has faced dramatic change in the last decade especially in regards to making profits (Hesmondhalgh, 2002, p. 10-11). Most companies in the production sector are however just not there yet. The production sector is still struggling with the new communication paradigm. In the past, a media company could start and grow by itself using the services it rendered and their strengths (Calabrese, 2004, p. 18-19). The development of technology, the internet and other cheaper software has made it easier for anyone beside the media to have their information passed across.
It used to be the work of the media to develop the website for a client, advertise for them and even produce. They then got their money after the work was done. The commercials were the work of media houses but, not anymore credit to the internet. People can now pass information by themselves. This has called for the production sector to change from their traditional way of thinking. They have had to evolve and be part of projects whose content they can own and sell (Hesmondhalgh, 2002, p. 19-20). They have had also to develop content they can control.
The problem is that there is still a tendency by the companies to be as protective with their content as in the past (Calabrese, 2004, p. 20). They are still putting their focus on partnering distributors with content creators, while still failing to have a real innovative...

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