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Content management system is a procedural system that determines how work flows in any given work environment. With reference to the web environment, content management system may be limited to the creation, control, storage and deployment of individual contents on a given web page. Content management system is differentiated from static pages through a number of ways. Ultimately, whereas content management system should enable a manipulative approach towards the use of the web pages in question, static pages give web users no manipulative option of altering the content of the page. Rather, users act as passive beneficiaries who receive the information on the web pages just as they have been stored. This means that given a number of users receiving information from a single server, all users will at any given time receive the same information. Even though the internet has today come to be a great transformation that depends on the principles of content management system in a dynamic way, Eldridge (2001) notes that the internet used to consist solely of HTML or static web pages, that is, web pages that are not changed before being displayed in a web browser.

Today, content management system is at the center of the internet and controls almost all web site creation processes. Present internet experts and web creating experts depend on content management system to “lower the barriers to entry and make it easier to launch a site, keep it updated and get more out of it” (Miller, 2012). This means that content management system is being used to do away with impediments that made the accessibility to websites more difficult in times past. It is also being used to make the ownership and maintenance of websites more free flowing and easy. What is even better is that unlike the days when the internet was dominated with static pages, web hosts are able to update their web pages more quickly and promptly. It is not for nothing that today we have websites that are dedicated to giving live score of sports activities.

Content management system comes in a number of types. Commonest among these that will be treated include enterprise and open source. Each of these comes in different size and different cost management that accompany them.

As the name implies, Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) works for established enterprises in managing their ill-structured and haphazard documents, content, records and facts. Enterprise content management system can therefore be described as an electronic organizational process for an organization. Because of the task involved, which entails getting the disorganized organized, enterprise content management system is often cost involving. Its size however depends on the size of the enterprise in question. Once duly delivered, enterprise will ensure integrity, protected security and elimination of all forms of bottlenecks in the organization’s operations.

Open source allows for accessibility to...

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