Contested Landscapes Singapore Integrated Resort Question: Contested Landscapes Provide A Lens To Study Society. By Analyzing A Case Study Of A “Contested Landscape” In Singapore, Discuss The Insights You Gained On Singapore Society.

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Contents11. Introduction 11.1 Overview of Integrated Resorts, Singapore 11.2 Purpose of Paper 11.3 Research Methodology, Scope and Approach 22. Case Study of Contested Landscape in Singapore: Integrated Resorts (IRs) 22.1 Voices for Objection towards Casino Operations in Singapore 23. Discussion - Insights on Singapore Society Derived from Case Study 23.1 Citizens' Participation in Decision-Making 23.1.1 Singaporeans' Apathy towards State Affairs 33.1.2 Evolution - From Apathy to Participation 43.2 The Amount of Influence the State has on Society 53.2.1 Control Measures on Press and Media 53.2.2 Education System to Shape Population to Adopt State's Ideology 63.3 Singapore and its Pragmatic Ideologies 83.4 A Highly Interventionist Approach to Governing 83.5 Religion: Important Contributor in Singapore Society 94. Conclusion 105. References 1. Introduction1.1 Overview of Integrated Resorts, SingaporeDuring a parliament session on 18 April 2005, Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, announced the decision to develop two casinos and associated hotels/malls in Marina South and Sentosa. Las Vegas Sands had been chosen to develop Marina Bay Sands, at Marina Bayfront, and Genting International to develop Sentosa Casino and Resort, at Sentosa,. Operational around 2009, each will operate a casino, taking up less than 5% of total floor area. The former will focus on business and convention facilities, while the latter will be established as a family-friendly resort. Total investments for the entire IR project amount to around S$5 billion.1.2 Purpose of PaperThis paper aims to demonstrate the theory "Contested Landscapes provide a lens to study society", through the use of a real case in the local context.1.3 Research Methodology, Scope and ApproachThis paper uses a brief case study on a contested landscape in Singapore which provides an overview and analysis of some contestations faced when the idea for the IR development was announced by the government, so as to provide insights on the society. This paper will only focus on taking the perspective on the debate as to whether the IR development in Singapore should come with the casino operations . Thereafter, discussions will focus on citizens' participation in decision-making in the country, the state's role and the impact it has on the society, as well as the ideology adopted by the country in areas like economic decisions and etc.The research will be based solely on secondary sources, which include and are not limited to; academic journals, government websites, forum discussions, weblogs, newspaper articles, reference books, etc.2. Case Study of Contested Landscape in Singapore: Integrated Resorts (IRs)The plan to build the casinos was subjected to considerable debate amongst Singaporeans. Several groups, such as the Muslim and Christian communities as well as social workers and activist groups openly expressed their disapproval. Concerns were raised about the negative social impact of casino...

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