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Contexts Of Health And Well Being Essay

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Health and Well-being – Health and wellbeing are perceptions that relate to and define a persons state of life. It is quite often defined as the absence of disease but this is very limiting as health and wellbeing have many different dimensions. The meaning can vary according to the individual, for example somebody who has a disease or disability may refer to themselves as healthy when they are managing their conditions to the point where it is not negatively influencing their life where as someone free from a disease or disability would consider that in itself as being in good health and wellbeing and getting a disease would be becoming unhealthy with poor wellbeing. Physical health is the ...view middle of the document...

Morbidity and mortality-
Morbidity refers to the disease state of an individual, or the prevalence of illness in a community. Indicators of morbidity are incidence, and prevalence rates. We can use these to compare different areas, age groups and gender differences. In Australia’s youth the most common causes o morbidity are asthma, diabetes, cancer and mental health disorders. Mortality is the occurrence of death or the amount of deaths in a population. We can measure mortality and compare the rates of different areas, ages and genders through life expectancy and the crude death rate. For example Australia has experienced a decline in the crude death rate from 6.5 per 1000 population in 2012 to 6.5 in 2002, this is due to the aging population.!OpenDocument

Determinant of health and predisposing factor-
Determinants of health and predisposing factors are those that affect the health of an individual, such as the environment and the circumstances in which they live in. There are a variety of factors that influence one’s health which relate to their context of life, many of which cannot be directly controlled. A great gap between the health of the wealthy and the health of the poor identifies that the social and economic environment impacts ones health, a low social status and little wealth are linked with higher amounts of stress and fatigue and lower self-confidence, thus negatively impacting on their health. The physical environment exposes us to safe water and clean air, or polluted water and air, affecting health. Genetics also plays a large role in determining health and has many predisposing factors for instance, the life expectancy of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is roughly ten years lower than those without Aboriginal or Torres Strait genes.

Burden of disease-
The burden of disease allows us to understand the loss of health and wellbeing of Australians due to premature mortality and disability. It describes the number of cumulative consequences of a described disease or a variety of damaging diseases including disabilities, health, social features, and costs. The burden of disease generally means the gap between a perfect situation, with everyone living free of any disabilities and diseases. A more complete view of a populations’ health rather than just its life expectancy is provided when summary measures combining statistics on mortality, disease and disability are gathered. For example, Australia is an aging society, this will contribute to an increase of neurological and sense disorders, such as dementia, being a burden of disease. ...

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