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When starting to teach this unit the teacher candidate was felling really confident that the students were learning the material or the content, and the language. So the teacher candidate was presenting the information in a program called Edusmart in English but translating every single word to Spanish. The unit was about the physical and the chemical change in the digestive system. The students were very attentive paying attention to the class what I was teaching, and the students were asking questions about the material, I thought that they were understanding everything. The teacher candidate thought that the lesson was going perfect, he was thinking to make any change to the lesson.
The moment when the teacher candidate realize that the students were not grasping the language it was when the teacher started asking questions in English everybody stay quiet and try to avoid their eyes to me, and none of the students answer the questions, but when asking question in Spanish everybody wanted to participate and answer the questions. The teacher candidate started to think what to change in the lesson for the students to start learning the language.
The teacher candidate also realized that when he was reading something in English students were not interested and were not listening or when the teacher was showing several videos in brainpop related to the content the students weren’t interested in them, until the moment the teacher candidate started translating everything everybody was listening and asking questions. The reason that students were not listening to the English information, because they said that they were not able to understand the language.
For the following reasons that I already explained was that I thought of making changes in the lesson to help the students in their studies. The modification in this lesson help all the students’ not only specific students. Even the student that was able to read and understand English this modification help him because he was able to better understand the material even though he was...

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