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Contingency Planning Essay

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Information technology relates contingency planning as synchronized strategy that involves tactics, processes and practical measures that ensure the retrieve of data after disturbance, information technology schemes and operation. Contingency planning comprises one or more methods to reinstate disrupted information technology facilities. Information technology (IT) and automated information systems are essential basics in most healthcare processes. The services provided by information technology system operates efficiently without extreme interruption. Contingency planning supports the necessary requirement by creating strategies, processes and practical measures enabling a system recover rapidly and efficiently following a service disaster. Temporary measures comprise the transfer of information technology systems and operations to a different site, the retrieval of Information technology functions using different equipment and the presentation of Information technology functions using physical methods (Moriarty, 2008).

Information Technology Laboratory has printed a recommended guidance document on contingency planning for central departments and agencies. The purpose of a contingency plan is allowing an organization to return its everyday operations as fast as possible after unexpected events. ( Dian Chinn, Preparing Business Plans) It’s also protects resources, reduce customers issues and identifies important staff. Contingency planning also helps in assigning different duties in the context of the retrieval. Human resources should develop employee evacuation plans; such as supporting employee benefits programs ie health care or worker’s compensation or hire temporary workers as needed. Contingency plans are both organization-wide and department-specific. (Dian Chinn) This means that information services departments should have a disaster recovery plan in place. This will ensure that company data and software are protected, (Wood, 2002).
Contingency planning initiate a small healthcare to make various scenarios that have the potential to harm the enterprise. Contingency planning maximizes the efficiency of operations through a created strategy .Contingency planning also identifies activities, properties and procedures needed to carry out processing requirements during lengthy interruptions to usual operations. Its ensures coordination with other staff who will participate in the contingency planning strategies. Ensure coordination with external points of contact who will participate in the contingency planning strategies.
Contingency Planning is to be activated if one or more of the following criteria are met:
If the System name will be unobtainable for more than 48 hours
If the Facility is spoiled and will be inaccessible for more than 24 hours
If the strategy is to be started, the Contingency Planning Coordinator is to inform all the team leaders of the details of the occasion and if transfer is required.
According to notification from...

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