Contingent Drug Tolerance Differential Tolerance To The Anticonvulsant,

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The prediction of the drug tolerance was based on drug effect theory stated that functional tolerance is an adaptation to disruptive effects of drugs on continuing patterns of neutral activity, instead of exposure to the drug itself. The drug effect theory has used before-and-after experiments. There are two groups in the before-and-after design experiment. The first group: the subjects receive drug after they tested on criterion on each tolerance trail. The second group: the subjects receive drug before they tested on criterion to react on each tolerance trail. As the results of the before-and-after experiment according to the drug-effect theory, tolerance is significantly greater in the group that received drug-before test on each tolerance development trial than in the other group received drug-after-test. Greater tolerance was in drug before group because they repeatedly experience the effect of the drug on the performance.
The propose of this experiment is to present more support for the drug-effect theory to simplifying that the development of tolerance subjects can have an effect of the drug when is repeatedly manifest, whereas there is no development of tolerance when it has not been repeatedly manifested. In this study, there are two experimental group (the before-and–after experimental design) of amydgala-kindle rats received injection of ethanol. Each experimental group received each ethanol injection, one group injected 1 hour before and the other 1 hour after convulsion stimulation. Then both groups received including the saline control group received tests of ethanol’s anticonvulsant, hypothermic, and ataxic effects. The hypothesis of this study is that tolerance to anticonvulsant effect of ethanol will be greatest in the rats that received the convulsive stimulation than the others group tolerance to the hypothermic, and ataxic effects. The independent variable of contingent drug tolerance is the drug that the rats received and dependent variable is the occurrence of the rats’ performance or...

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