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Continued Education Essay

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Continued Education

These two words that can change your life with in as little as two for most course. But there is still a lot of issues that needs to be addressed when you are think about to continuing your education and that is what we will be discussing for the next few minutes.

The Need for Higher Standards

The effort to raise learning standards for adult literacy is linked directly to the K-12initiative. The need for higher standards for adults and parents is evident. that one of the most important influences on student test scores is the level of parental education. Other research offers compelling evidence of this important link.

· Statistical profiles of schools with low or declining performance show that these schools serve comparatively high percentages of students whose parents havelimited or no English language proficiency, have not completed high school, read at less than an eighth grade level, and currently receive public assistance. Most of these schools do not offer comprehensive adult education and training programs.

· The 1996 Kid’s Count data indicate that 43 percent of New York State’s fourth
graders score below the basic reading level and 41 percent score below the basic
mathematics level..

· The 1994 State Adult Literacy Survey (SALS) indicates that approximately 25
percent of all learners served in adult basic education programs function below the sixth grade reading level and 69 percent of all learners in English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) programs function at the lowest two levels of English language proficiency. As New York State begins to implement new Welfare Reform legislation, the challenges for and demands on adult education will be even greater.

· Over half of adult welfare recipients do not have a high school diploma or the
equivalent and more than 40 percent have limited literacy skills.

· Projections indicate that almost 50,000 recipients in our State have a disability and a large number are significantly impaired in obtaining work by disabilities resulting from alcohol and/or substance abuse.

· The new legislation requires all teen parents under age 20 who lack a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in an approved program leading to a high school diploma or the equivalent.

· Citizenship...

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