Continuing In The Field Of Ethnic Studies

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"It is better to die standing up than to live kneeling down.” Emiliana Zapata. It is easy to live life kneeling down, and it is frightening to take the initiative to act against many and to fight for the rights of our community. This quote constantly reminds me of why I need to go to graduate school and further my education in learning about oppressions.
As a freshman at Cal-State Fullerton I began to ask my self where inequalities come from and what causes them, why does society use the term minorities and why minorities are oppress. While working at the Volunteer & Service Center I was invited to join a group that plan an event called the Social Justice Summit. This event was a grassroots event that helped raise awareness about different inequalities and oppressions in the community to over 500 community members. With this event, I understood that there isn’t one solid answer that exists about what causes inequalities and oppressions. And even now, the only thing that is clear is that people need to know what is happening in the world. This is why I want to continue my education in the field of Ethnic Studies. Specifically I want to find out the struggles of the Chicano/a population. Find out about pass movements and what we can learn about those movements, what we can improve about those movements, to help the Chicano population today.
I have a passion in learning about Activism and reading and continuing my studies around my passion to learn about the oppressions and inequalities among the Chicano/a population. I have the need to learn how to come up with a way to end some of the barriers and struggles among this population, but in order to do this I need to learn more about the community. I have the ambition to further my education and learn about the multiple barriers that many people in the Chicano/a community face. I want to learn more about where the inequalities I have faced as a Chicana pursuing a college degree and challenging femininity have come from. I need to educate my self to the struggles and inequalities that many people in this community not just me have face in life so that I can educate others through words.
I have been active in social justice. I currently volunteer for a group called DFO’s to help repeal proposition 8. I currently work in the Community Action Partnership getting donations to serve the community in need. I feel that at no excuse is it ok to not be active in your community. With this said I want to not just be active but well rounded and learn about the reason why inequalities exist and come up with ways to built bridges to a better tomorrow. There is no way you can make change without educating your self about oppressions and inequalities. You can’t be active without needing to learn about activism and you can just read without being active in your community.
Social Justice might be considered too radical, but it’s all about believing in a cause and fighting for it till the end for equality in...

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