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Arby Lyra, a name given to me by my mother which is a combination of my parents’ nicknames and my two grandmothers’ names; Ar from Arman, By from baby, Ly from Lydia and Ra from Isidra. I am very much blessed to be named Arby Lyra for everytime that I will hear my name, these four important people pops out my mind and gives me a sense of gratification.
I am the first child my parents, Lorna and Herman Bautista, received. On the 22nd of September in the year 1993, my mother gave birth to me at exactly 4:30 in the morning at Sampaloc, Manila. They called me their “Little Angel”. I am also the first grandchild my maternal grandparents had, and during that time, I am the youngest grandchild of my paternal grandparents. I was really really special.
During my pre-school years, I am excellent in academics. I graduated as First Honors during kinder. It may be unbelievable, but eventhough I am the top student during that year, I am extremely shy. My mother even said that before our Christmas program, my teachers approached her because I haven’t joined any presentations at all. My lack of self-confidence continued until gradeschool. In the year 1998, we transferred to Lumban, Laguna. Of course, I needed to transfer to a new school where in I only have a few friends. I continued to be an outstanding student despite of being a transferee. I am a consistent gold medalist during elementary.
One event which vastly changed my attitude was when I joined the Mr. And Ms. ICCS on my 3rd grade. I didn’t win but my teachers saw my potentials, especially my MAPEH teacher. During that contest, I danced ballet on the talent portion. After that, I was always asked to give a number especially on doxologies. With that, my self-confidence grew. I am always performing. I loved to perform. I can still recall the last production that I joined during elementary where in I am the only performer during the Finale of the show.
Another significant event that happened to me in my elementary days was when I won 5th place during the District Math Quiz Bee. It was my first time to join a contest outside our school and during that year, I am the only school representative who won. What’s more amusing is that the contest was held exactly on my birthday. That was September 22, 2005. It was a very lucky day for me and that incident also boosted my confidence.
I brought that confidence with me until high school. I studied my secondary education at Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School. During high school, I rarely perform ballet but I joined lots of clubs in our schools. I am part of Math, Science and Social Studies Club. I almost joined everything. But the one I am most active at was “The Lagunian” which is our school’s official newspaper. At first, I am a Feature Writer. I write articles freely, without any rules. It was easy for me because I just have to write from the heart. Time passed and our senior members graduated. Our club adviser asked me if I can edit and layout...

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