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Half of the pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, birth control allows for controlled conception (“Birth Control”). Women have limitless options available to them, but they do not know it. The public needs to address the lack of awareness and help American women know their choices so they can make informed decisions. Restrictions present on contraception make it hard for women to consecutively use whichever option they have chosen. Allowing birth control and Plan B to be sold over the counter will cut down on unwanted pregnancy and abortion rates throughout the United States.
Efficiency in business plays a key role to their company’s success especially when they have limited resources. Focusing on effectively using what American businesses have could benefit the companies greatly. If birth control were to be sold over the counter, business costs would drop significantly. When birth control becomes inconvenient, consecutive use drops and business’s costs go up. The risk of unplanned pregnancy or abortion outweighs the cost of any form of birth control (Creamer).
Businesses' health insurance coverage should include over the counter contraception for women because of the strong impact it has on the woman’s life when convenient. 63 percent of women recognize that birth control allowed them to take better care of themselves or their family. 56 percent credit birth control with being able to support themselves financially, 51 percent say that with birth control they were able to complete their education and 50 percent argue that it allowed them to keep or get a job. The economic benefits from birth control are extensive (Bedsider).
During a woman’s pregnancy, businesses provide paid leave and typically have some form of health insurance coverage for the woman. Economically speaking, the initial cost of paid leave and insurance coverage already leaves the business with expenses. On top of that, the absence of that woman leaves the company less productive and costs the business money. Unwanted pregnancies put a hardship on businesses. Choices must be shared between businesses and women to avoid these unwanted pregnancies, which would be best for the companies and for all American women.
Leaving a woman without options to the point that she must turn to abortion for a solution is cruel and unusual. Abortion costs businesses’ time, money, and emotional stress to their employee. A woman will usually take a leave of absence while going to have an abortion, which costs the business money and productivity (Creamer). When she does return to her place of work, she may not be emotionally stable. This lack of opportunity is unfair to women and needs to change. If America cannot perform a simple task like providing forms of birth control over the counter, where is it going for the future?
Women struggle with high opportunity costs in regards to unwanted pregnancies and abortions. They forfeit work time, which means struggling to...

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