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Week 4 Learning Team ReflectionLearning Team CBusiness Law-Law/531Marlene Wilhite9/4/2011Week 4 Learning Team ReflectionContract Administration involves those activities performed by a company after a contract has been awarded to determine how well the company and the contractor performed to meet the requirements of the contract. The following paper will discuss contract administration groups and the affects they have on a company's business. The paper will also discuss how to prepare a contract administration plan.Contract Administration PlanA contract administration plan is a company's road map to ensure that it gets all that they bargained for from outside contractors. The plan should focus on major contract outputs and best practices for analyzing a contracts performance. This is a list of steps that may be used in the plan:1. Plan the purchase of services - Through careful planning clearly demonstrate the need for the services being procured, the results that the purchased service is to accomplish, and the value and linkage of the services to the overall human service delivery network. 2. Solicit providers - Use open competition where possible and maximize use of accurate, complete, and relevant information on provider capabilities and past performance when selecting a provider to contract with. 3. Write the contract - Develop effective contracts that communicate expectations, define responsibilities, protect all parties, and help to manage differences. The purchaser needs to specifically define and integrate into the contract the nature and amount of services needed, the standards of quality that must be met, and benchmarks that will be used to judge whether services have met expectations and have delivered the needed results. 4. Monitor performance - Systematically monitor performance to confirm that the desired results stated in the contract are being achieved. Promote a good working relationship with providers, including offering technical assistance as needed and using multiple opportunities to continuously communicate with providers. 5. Use performance results - Use documented performance and results in re-contracting decisions, and be willing to make the difficult but necessary decision to significantly change or terminate contracts when poor performance occurs and is unlikely to improve.This plan can affect a company's business tremendously. Awarding the contract is...

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