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Ref: Citizen-Schwartz Contract, Legal Risks and OpportunitiesRegarding the recent contract negotiations between Span and Citizen-Schwartz AG, I have summarized the issues and solutions surrounding the performance on the contract and the ability to effect several amendments to conform to recent events, strengthen the contract, and reinvigorate the business relationship and especially to clarify several ambiguous items written into the contract. "The recent case law demonstrates that a party is not likely to prevail on its interpretation of ambiguous contract language where its conduct is inconsistent with its proffered interpretation" (Klausner, 2008).A dispute was brewing over the quality and schedule of expected deliverables by Span to Citizen-Schwartz AG. At stake was the current contract as well as the potential to win a larger contract once the contract in process has reached the point of complete performance. The legal principle involved was that of a material breach of the contract which could lead to litigation and the possible loss of the future business relationship with Citizen-Schwartz AG (Jennings, 2006). Citizen-Schwarz AG may have first approached a breach of the contract when they failed properly to communicate and report their changes of project management structure. These occurrences are the main reason for the delay of Span Systems' product delivery. A reasonable agreement was reached to use arbitration should our differences not be amicably settled.The primary involved issue was that delivery to Citizen-Schwartz AG had been behind schedule and the quality of what had been received had been of unacceptable quality. The legal principles involved were that of standards for performance and when performance would be due (Jennings, 2006). This was an ambiguous area in the contract and was subject to interpretation.Span's position was that requirements had changed often and had increased substantially beyond what was required by the original contract. Additionally, review by Citizen-Schwartz AG, which is a specific contractual requirement had been less than what was contractually required. The legal principle involved was when performance might be excused (Jennings, 2006). This was quite naturally a matter of interpretation due to the ambiguity of the contract wording. "Indeed, prior drafts of the agreement may expressly refute the claim or position later advanced by one of the parties" (Klausner, 2008).In our favor, the metrics clearly indicated that current deliverables were within accepted metrics. On the other hand, the size of the function points was excessive and the defects were higher than acceptable. Span Systems believed the originally agreed upon requirements of the ordinary changes to user and system requirements clause had been outgrown. Citizen-Schwarz agreed when they realized that they were still adhering to the original requirements as specified in the original contract. Span Systems checked on the current size of the...

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Contract Creation and Management Laws: Citizen-Schwarz AG

2437 words - 10 pages - C-S CEO (Allocated time: 20 business days)C-S is in violation of this clause in the contract due to not having escalation of leadership and management progression involvement for project negotiations" (Simulation).Breach of contract under requirement change:C-S party's requirements have been changed and systems have developed since the bid on the project. C-S's requirement to terminating the contract with Span will be a breach of contract in

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4540 words - 19 pages teacher. References · Arthur-Kelly, M, Gordon, C, Arthur, M, Butterfield, N & Lyons, G 2006, ‘Building positive relationships through effective communication’, in Classroom management: creating positive learning environments, Thomson Learning, South Melbourne, Vic, pp. 60–85. · Australian Institute of Family Studies 2016, Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Family Community Australia, Retrieved 3/8/2017,

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1088 words - 4 pages an obligation to fulfill all terms of a contract in order to avoid a breach.Contract Creation and Management MemorandumOrganizations like Span Systems (SS), an organization that is in the forefront of banking software, and Citizen Schwartz (CS), a European bank, should have a system in place for avoiding breach of contract. Span Systems was approached by Citizen-Schwarz AG to develop a Java-based transaction processing software program. Span

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773 words - 4 pages happy to say that through renegotiation we are in the process of completing the most profitable contract our company has ever seen. Thank you all for your continued work and dedication.JP Swanson, Project ManagerReferencesUniversity of Phoenix (2009). Contract Creation and Management Simulation. Retrieved on April 26, 2009

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1321 words - 5 pages Contracts(7th edition). [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. PrenticeHall, Inc. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.Cheeseman, Henry R. (2010). Business Law: Statue of Frauds and Equitable Exceptions(7th edition). [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. PrenticeHall, Inc. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.Contract Creation and Management Simulation, Alumina [Computer Software]. RetrievedMay22, 2010, from University of Phoenix, Simulation, MBA531 web site.

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1917 words - 8 pages Contact Creation PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 6 The simulation begins in the middle of a major dispute between a software-developing company, Span Systems, and one of its customers, Citizen-Schwartz AG (CS), a large German bank."Contract Creation and Management" SimulationPetra RiveraUniversity of PhoenixLaw 515 - Legal Environment of BusinessLcdo. Israel Camacho-Alicea18 de noviembre de 2008A: Juan PerezDE: Petra RiveraASUNTO: Contact Creation and

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635 words - 3 pages Contract management is the discipline that includes all of the processes necessary to develop, document, approve, monitor, and close-out formal business agreements (Ledford, 2007). The first thing we need to look at when trying to decide which contract would be easiest or most difficult for Acme to manage are the different types of contracts. A contract is an agreement entered into by two or more parties and the agreement can be enforced in a

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1796 words - 7 pages This paper examines the legal aspects of procurement management and specifically how procurement management can be used as an effective tool for the overall management of a project. This paper focuses on the basics of common contract laws, the basics of agency law, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and some aspects of that pertain to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). A summation of the company’s position in relation to a given

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736 words - 3 pages changes that have been implemented. Contract management can be challenging but it would high complex if contract were not met. Given the flux environment of oil and gas there are many variables that feed into the contract changes. Whether it be added supplier, added countries, changes in product production track and changes can help with risk management and help with any issues and solutions that are necessary with in the contract to help keep

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948 words - 4 pages effective tools to help managers solve the problem. However, it also has some challenges for the manager to overcome. Therefore, the main aim of this essay is to analyse the importance of the psychological contract in many aspects and support more evidences and experiences to help managers have a comprehensive view in human resource management. Psychological contract is the unwritten contract that illustrates a set of expectations exists between

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777 words - 4 pages An Analysis of Denise Rousseau And David Guest’s Article Denise Rousseau took a descriptive approach in explaining psychological contract while David Guest was more analytical about the term “psychological contract”. David gave a more detailed and in depth analysis of psychological contract. Also he was able to expand in more details Rousseau’s analysis of psychological contract. According to

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Contract Creation And Management Essay

1615 words - 6 pages :// of Phoenix. (2009). Legal Environment of Business- Contract Creation andManagement. Retrieved July 18, 2009, from University of Phoenix, resource,Simulation, LAW531- Business Law Web site.Wade, T. W. (2004, February). Renegotiation and Contract adaptation in theInternational investment projects: Applicable Legal Principles & Industry practices,Transitional Dispute Management, Vol. I (13), Retrieved from July 18, 2009, from

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1392 words - 6 pages Running Head: Contract Creation and Management SimulationContract Creation and Management SimulationLearning Team A:Rita Ben-CherquiJohn MartoranaBusiness LawUniversity of PhoenixMarch 10, 2009The SimulationIn the "Contract Creation and Management" simulation between Span Systems and Citizen-Schwarz AG, Team A was given the opportunity of reviewing the case between the two aforementioned companies and was able to "develop a negotiating position

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1054 words - 4 pages Contract Citizen-Schwarz first breached the contract under the communication and reporting any changes of project management structure. Those breaches are the main reason for the delay in product delivery from Span System and have led to the slip in staying on schedule.The next breach was under the requirements change section. Span System that the originally agreed upon requirements for changes to user and systems have been surpassed. Citizen

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2894 words - 12 pages not going well cannot withdraw from the arbitration and resort to litigation. Another form of submission occurs when a statute or court requires parties to arbitrate. This type of submission results in a mandatory arbitration (Reed, 2005).ConclusionMany hurdles lie in the path of an effectively contract creation implementation, and management. These need to be overcome before it can be executed. Contracts and terms must first be created