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Contradicting Creation Stories In The Bible

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The Judeo-Christian creation story is one of the most well know beliefs for the beginning. The issue being looked at comes from the two creation stories in Genesis. One fairly interesting part of this is that the Bible has the two creation narratives back to back. These two stories have made believers uncomfortable and it has been used to discredit believers because they infer the two are contradictory. In order to answer the main question efficiently, the question has to be broken down into two main issues. The main discrepancies come from the creation of man and woman in each version and likewise the creation of man and animals. In order to answer this we must understand the reasoning behind the two and the original purpose and wording of the two.
One of the main issues that adds to this confusion comes the different english versions of the bible have some differences. Each version of the bible has dissimilarities from each other and from the original text. These are, at first, seen as discrepancies and are used to discredit the content. This originates from the inability to fully translate the original text into english. The original language is more complex in that the words used are more integrated in meaning and in feeling. The english authors had to chose between being more factual or attempting to get the message across. The first story starts with God creating earth, than he fills the earth with water in order to grow plants. The creation continues in genesis 1:25 when “God made the beast of the earth”; this is followed by “God created man in his own image, ...; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). These verses come from the first creation story, which is written in a linear progression outlined in a day-by-day progression. From this we can see God created the animals and then he created man. The other important part is the creation of man and woman. All we can ascertain from this is that they were created in the image of God, and its also safe to assume they were created on the same day.
The second story from Genesis introduces Adam before any other living creation. In Linders description of the two stories he emphasizes the difference in order. His description of the second story portrays a popular understanding of what happened. He writes that God created the earth, then man, then Eden, then animals and finally woman. This is believed because this is the order in which it was written. In Genesis 2:7 God creates man and then in 2:8 “God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man.” The proper order can be rationalized even though the wording is ambiguous. God created man and put him in Eden. This means Eden, plantation, was created before man. The next discrepancy is the creation of man and animals. Taylor explains this discrepancy in his reference to difference in versions. He states that in the KJV Genesis 2:19 reads “out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field” while the NIV...

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